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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

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A French ship kicks up dust

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From March  09, 2006  to March 15,  2006

An Inward Looking Tale

If atmosphere is everything, this book is a classic. 

The Classic Double Act Retold

The author has the unique ability to celebrate tragedy, not an easy task. 

All Aboard The Red Bus

A compilation of Ruskin Bond’s work leaves the reader much entertained. 

Toward’S A More Level Playing Field

Whatever be the profession, women are excelling, or are they? 

The Bomb Is Ticking...

We ignore James Lovelock's apocalyptic vision of the future at our own peril. 

 If Committees Could Make Books

“A camel is a horse formed by a committee,” is an Arab proverb that best explains why Indian publishers take so long to make publishing decisions, and equally long to produce the book. Six months is the lead-time between submission . . . 

What Is To Be Done?

Negotiating the Future, Rashid Shaz states that it is a post-9/11 book on Islam. 

No Philosopher’S Stone

Shree Ghatage’s first novel, Brahma’s Dream, is set in pre-independence India and ends sometime after Gandhi’s assassination. The painful progress of India into freedom is told through the life of central character, Mohini, who struggles with . . . 

Grief’S Defeat

Rabindranath Tagore’s Jogajog was published, in book-form, in 1929. This was the year Thomas Mann got the Nobel prize and Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own was published. While Tagore’s novel was being serialized in Bichitra . . . 

Clarity And Control

To come to the deeply uncomfortable — and often taboo — subject of suicide as a researcher in the subject of contemporary history has, perhaps, more advantages than disadvantages. 

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