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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

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A French ship kicks up dust

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From March  02, 2006  to March 08,  2006

Economic Condition Of Muslims

Offers insight into the current socio-economic status of Urdu-speaking Indian Muslims 

The Other Side Of Glamour

THE SILVER screen is full of glitter for those avidly watching them, and they are swayed by the illusion. Behind the screen, it is a world of sweat, toil, intrigues, cruelty and tears. Moving images on the screen present only the glamour, and the . . . 

Against All Odds

Sudha Murthy: Jagadeeswari Tr. in Telugu; Alakananda Publications, Opp. Mari Stella College, Vijayawada-520008. Rs. 70. 

Traditional Puranas

A Commendable attempt to present the gist of the 18 traditional Puranas in a single volume, Pathinen Puranangal is welcome as an array of legends that sound quite relevant to our century. 

Trends In Management

Captures the emerging changes in Indian management in the wake of globalisation 

Reminiscences Of A Police Officer

A good reminder to all those concerned with the issues of governance, policing and administration 

Demystifying Growth

Provides a framework for understanding India's experience in pursuing economic growth with equality 

Anthology Of Short Stories

Recreates the social and cultural milieu prevalent about half a century ago 

Grandmom Of Laughter

Some interesting reads in Kannada T. Sunandamma, who passed away last week, is a pioneer in her own right. She was the first woman writer in Kannada to establish herself in the genre of humour writing.

Fiction Anthology

When writing is prolific as in the case of this author, who has now ventured into the genre of novellas it is natural that a few are brilliant while in others quantity goes up at the cost of quality, . . . 

Pancharatra Text

From time immemorial, temples of Vishnu in our country were built and worship was done either according to the Vaikhanasa or the Pancharatra tradition. 

Epic Of Tulasidas

This book is a facile rendering of Goswami Tulasidas' Ramacharitamanas in simple, flowing Tamil and has widened the reach of this classic to the public. 

Modern Notions Of Culture And Self
A peep into what is happening in India today in culture and what concerns move its most articulate citizens 

Rethinking Strategy
This book is painted on a very broad canvas, trying to map out an agenda for a new approach to strategy, necessitated by the failures of the current strategies to create a world with peace and prosperity. 

Voice Of Dissent

Offers an alternative to free market economic policy for restoring balance to globalisation's disequalising effects 

olitics And Development
A running commentary on India's development and economic reforms initiated in the early 1990s

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