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Wednesday, February 01,  2006

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From January 25, 2006  to January 31,  2006

Religious Reformer

This mnograph is an interesting critical study of the life and personality of Mahadeviyakka or Akkamahadevi, a gem among Virasaiva saints. 

Feminist Writings

Doctors live in an atmosphere of intense suffering, disease and death and when they turn to creative writing, it gives them a chance to ventilate their deep feelings of empathy, love and care.

Voyage Of Self-Discovery

This Book is a collection of eighth novels of Nakulan, an important Tamil writer of yesteryear, starting from his first novel, `Nizhalkal' to the latest one, `Antha Manchal Nira Poonaikutty'. Nakulan is known for his uncompromising serious and . . . 

From The Blurb

A firsthand account of the poverty, discrimination and trampling of human rights suffered daily by billions of people across the world. It represents the collective voice of the poor and excluded people from 5000 villages across 19 countries in Africa, . 

The Reforms Debate

A timely account of the intellectual ferment in the Arab world and the attempts of governments to cope politically and intellectually with the new challenges..

A National Shame

Nearly 15 years after the Union Government brought in the Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrines (Prohibition) Act, 1993, manual scavenging, ....

Time For Candour

Argues that any religion can degenerate if its tenets are not subjected to constant scrutiny.

Lifting The Veil From The U.N. Security Council

An able chronicle of the U.N.'s exertions, from Iraq and Bosnia to Rwanda and Haiti.

Grammar With A Bit Of Humour

No stranger to Deccan Herald readers, K S Yadurajan has brought out a readable and useful work of reference for senior students, writers, teachers and other practitioners of the English language, especially in India.

Another Quiver

A cold-hearted villain is on a blood trail for masterpieces in Jeffrey Archerís latest novel.

Making The Law Work For You

The handbook is an important tool for negotiating the criminal justice system and gives a clear account of the rights of citizens and non-citizens in all relevant situations.

Last Man Standing?

In one sentence it is an unique book in the sense that it deals with highly emotive matters of current relevance and reading it, one could almost feel the temperature of the venues of those speeches and interviews. 

Short Of Enchanting

Manmohan Desai is one director in the history of Indian mainstream cinema who trod his own path, making blockbuster after blockbuster with top stars of his time and almost single-handedly perfecting the madcap, illogical storytelling style that Hindi ....

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