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Wednesday, January 25,  2006

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From January 11, 2006  to January 24,  2006

Forays Into The Wilderness

A wildlife biologist's account of his journeys into forest areas rarely accessed..

Challenges To Energy Security

Discusses the complex issues and problems that have a bearing on energy security.

Patents And Development

Examines development related to the IPR regime within the legal framework.

Prospects For Convergence

Examines the areas of comprehensive security and convergence between India and the ASEAN.

It's A Wonderful World

Going with the policy of "we also sell books," Landmark held a reading by Samit Basu to mark the launch of The Manticore's Secret, which according to him takes place three weeks after Simoquin ended. Samit read out two portions . . .

Gravitas And Gravity

From myth and fantasy to the graphic novel or children's fiction, Samit Basu wants to try 'em all.

Street Saga

Rucha Humnabadkar's Dance of the Fireflies is dedicated to the street children of India.

Interpretation Of The Ramayana

This is the book format of what was earlier serialised in Mysooru Mitra. One would recollect the time when Mathoor translated extempore the Tamil lectures on the Ramayana delivered by Thirukudanthai Andavan of the Srirangam Srimad Andavan Ashramam, .... 

Saga Of A Progressive And Pioneering Educationist

Biography of a woman, who is in a class of her own, offered as a tribute on the occasion of her 80th birthday.

Saiva Hagiology

This Book is a documentation of one of the three Saiva saints namely Sundarar or Nambi Aruran based on the Periya Puranam.

Communist History

In 2002 the Communist Party of India (Marxist) set up a commission with six of its stalwarts as members to prepare a history of the Indian communist movement to help familiarise the new generation with its traditions.

Folly, Knavery And Charlatanry

With sizzlers at regular intervals in the book, E N Rammohan has quite a literary flair for a man of action.

India’S Beethoven

Beethoven composed great music though afflicted by deafness. Seventy-one-year-old Kolkata based Anglo Indian author Vernon Thomas continues to write reams despite being blind.

Kostova’S Top Ten For A Winter Night

Elizabeth Kostova, author of ‘The Historian’ chooses her favourite books to cuddle with on a dark evening.

Worst Writer In The World?

Two life-changing events have happened to Rick Moody since the publication of his last novel, Purple America, eight years ago. Ang Lee’s film version of his book, The Ice Storm, has appeared, making him famous.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

In an essay written in 1986 when he was 32, Hanif Kureishi said, “At least once every day since I was five years old I have been racially abused.” In the two decades since, he has been trying to make sense of this, placing in context the conflict . . .

Elucidation Of The Gita

The importance and value of the Bhagavad Gita as an important and enduring summation of the spiritual evolution to the whole of humanity need no emphasis.

Tagore's Essays

A beautifully brought out volume of essays, first published during the birth centenary of Tagore, has also an incisive and lengthy critique by Buddhadev Basu.

Novel Inspired By The Tsunami

This Novel depicts the life and struggle of the fishing community and the dangers they experience when gales strike the coast.

The Canvas Of Anthropology

Collection of 40 papers documenting the wide sweep of anthropology This is a collection of 40 papers in three sections — archaeological anthropology, physical anthropology, and social anthropology— dedicated to D.K.Bhattacharya who distinguished . . .

Commentary On Tiruppavai

A handy book on the holy hymn of Andal is surely bound to be a welcome publication, especially when it is from the pen of a scholar of the stature of Manavalan.

Embodiment Of Grace

Three flames illumined the spaces of the world from India in the 20th Century. Two of them, Ramana Maharshi and Sri Aurobindo, withdrew to the Home of Light in 1950; Mahaswami of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam continued to remain in the physical for nearly . . .

In The Cause Of The Tiger

A valuable corpus presenting current perspectives mixed with the historical perception of the tiger.

Situating Women, Experiencing Gender

Essays on the understanding of the experience of gender in India This book is a monumental compilation comprising 24 contributors, spread, slightly over 600 pages, sweeping across two centuries, drawing together diverse disciplines and themes, but . . 

Umrao Jan: Poet And Courtesan

The book offers a glimpse into the world of the courtesan, a sort of parallel one that went side-by-side with the Great Indian Uprising of 1857.

Cracking Venice

This book, with its myriad characters and many intrigues is very like the city it is set in, layered and subtle.

Nur Jahan: Woman Behind The King

The book portrays Nur Jahan as a shrewd and powerful empress who managed to get Jehangir to relinquish the reins of power into her hands.

All For One And One For One

The author shows with the help of figures that US consumption poses a threat to the rest of the world.

On The Tail Of A Fiery Insurrectionist

The book competently explores M N Roy’s efforts to strengthen the progressive elements of the Indian National Congress during the thirties and the forties.

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