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Wednesday, January 11,  2006

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From January 04, 2006  to January 10,  2006

Multifaceted Personality

K. BALAKRISHNAN (1924-84) burst upon the scene as a fiery student leader in the 1940s. A powerful speaker, he could hold any audience spellbound. As an editor he commanded the loyalty of a generation of readers.

On The Wings Of Freedom

This novel, which received the first prize in a competition held by the Telugu Association of North America (TANA), truly deserves the accolades and rave appreciation it has received and can be hailed as a `landmark' in the genre of Telugu novel.

Novel In Translation

This Book, which is a Tamil translation of Mukundan's Malayalam novel `Haridwaril Mani Muzhagunnu' deals with a young bachelor Rameshan Panicker who has a good job in Delhi.

Spectre Of Exclusion

Analyses the dimensions of deprivation in Uttar Pradesh amidst no sign of a let-up

Cultural Crossover

Documents the musical and cultural history of the classical Hindustani stringed instrument sarod

Status Of The Girl Child

Papers documenting the status of the girl child in the Asian region

When Power Subverts The Law

Two seminal books question the possibility of international criminal justice in a unipolar world

Memoirs Of A Fearless Critic

This book is a biography of the art critic Subbudu by young Lada Guruden Singh.

The Drama Goes On

The issues that make up the Mahabharatha are still relevant today, even though the characters in its pages belong to antiquity.

Women In Novels

Although the subject matter merits study, poor language and errors mar the book.

Taking Wing

This collection of essays is often tantalising and naughty, beckoning the reader into inviting gullies and corners for a look at the brighter side of life.

Paper Boat On A Lazy River

The strength of the book lies in its simplicity and the plot which twists and turns like a river.

Democracy On A Sticky Wicket?

The views aired in the book by persons connected with the judiciary have been debated many times before


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