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Thursday, August 18,  2005


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                                                                                                    From August 11, 2005 - August 17, 2005

Rafting Across A Heaving River

Go river rafting in the monsoon. It is an experience that can't be easily forgotten.

In The Shadow Of The Giant

Khotachiwadi is a village that dares to remain quaint and ‘old-world’ beside a mighty metropolis, Mumbai, says Manmohan Melville. 

For A Place In Heaven

The Urs at Ajmer is an occasion when people of all faiths visit the shrine to pay obeisance to the Garib Nawaz, notes Abha Sharma. 

Of Sanctuaries And Pilgrimages

Legend has it that Vrishabha, the bull of Shiva performed penance, and Shiva and Parvati appeared before him in the forms of ‘Mallikarjuna’ and ‘Bhramaramba,’ hence these names for the deities in Srisailam’s temple. Aruna Chandaraju visits this place. . . 

Cruising Through The World's Highest Motorable Pass

The Khardungla pass is situated at a height of 18, 300 ft and is maintained by the Leh-based 14 Corps The pass is strategically situated, as Nubra Valley is the gateway to the Siachen Glacier and the border post of Turtuk. 

Come The Monsoon And Belgaum’S Waterfalls Beckon

With the rivers in Belgaum in spate, a visit to the waterfalls in the region would be rewarding. Belgaum district has more than six big waterfalls of which the Gogak and Godchinmalki falls attract the most tourists during the monsoon as its then you . . . 

Agra Of The Deccan

ARUN BHATIA takes a trip to Bijapur to visit the Gol Gumbaz, famed for its Whispering Gallery, and other wondrous Islamic monuments. 


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