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Tuesday,  November 29,  2005


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From November22, 2005 to November 28, 2005

Indians, Pakistanis Join Hands For Common Cause

MEMBERS of the US Congress were pleasantly surprised recently by rare visits from Indian and Pakistani Americans working together for a common cause. 

Molecular Imaging And Nano-Technology Used To Understand The Extraterrestrial Origin Of Terminal Diseases – Cancer, Avian Flu, Hiv …

Terminal diseases that have no cure, no effective vaccine – what is the original source? What triggered it in the first place? What really happens when an endemic like Avian Flu starts and spreads all over the world? 

India, Us High-Tech Trade Talks Next Week

Ways to reduce barriers to Indo-US high-tech trade as also specific matters in the areas of defence technology, information technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology will top the agenda of the two-day meeting of the High Technology Cooperation.

‘Knowledge Of Hiv Scant, Incomplete’

An EU-India Media initiative on HIV/AIDS was undertaken by the Thomson Foundation based in Cardiff, Wales and financed by the European Union recently in Goa.

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