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Tuesday,  November 22,  2005


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From November15, 2005 to November 21, 2005

India's Hiv Cases Far Higher Than Official Numbers

The number of new HIV cases in India, home to the second highest infections in the world, is far more than what official data shows and epidemics in some pockets were alarming, the U.N. AIDS chief said.

One Out Of 10 Children Sexually Abused, Says Who Study

Awareness programme held, Police Commissioner meets children.

Elected Representatives Of Northeast Sign Aids Declaration

Elected representatives of the Northeast on Saturday signed a "Guwahati declaration" resolving to draft legislation guaranteeing universal access to treatment of AIDS.

Aids: Wake-Up Call For N-EíS Politicians

Itís time politicians of this country woke up to the menace of AIDS, which is fast assuming epidemic proportions in the North-East, according to the chief of the United Nationís AIDS programme

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