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Tuesday,  September 06,  2005


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From August 31, 2005 to September 04, 2005

Ti To Continue Expansion In The Country

Describing its growth in India as the most “dramatic,” leading analog and DSP technologies provider Texas Instruments on Tuesday said the company would continue its expansion in India.  

Lapierre Sends Spirits Soaring

The kids and their parents at an obscure village in Howrah district, on the other side of the Ganga, are delighted after an elderly philanthropist from abroad visited their village on Monday to inaugurate a primary school.  

The Salvation Army

It was not uncommon to see civilians narrating their personal woes to a military man A soldier's professional training showed in the rapid way relief was provided.

Tn Student Extracts Bio-Diesel From Vegetable Oil

A student of Madurai Kamaraj University here, helped by a research scholar, has successfully extracted bio-diesel from residual vegetable oil.

Foreign Companies In India Making Profits'

Majority keen to expand business in India.

Elephant Slowly Inching Ahead Of The Dragon

India’s long-term potential may be greater than China’s as the Communist giant faces a shrinking work force due to its one child policy, according to Business Week Online. 

25 Monuments To Be Restored

Youth urged to create awareness about preserving heritage structures Restoration to cost Rs. 1 crore Over 25,000 `unsung and unprotected' monuments in State 1,360 monuments listed as `protected' All historical monuments in Hampi mapped with ISRO.     

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