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Saturday, November 26,  2005


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 From November 17, 2005 to November 25, 2005 

Interview - India Faces Tense Winter Due To Bird Flu - Minister

India faces a tense winter as fears of a bird flu outbreak grow with the arrival of thousands of migratory birds from nearby Asian countries hit by the avian influenza, the health minister said on Thursday.

India Envoy Warns On Changes To U.S. Nuclear Deal

Any moves by the U.S. Congress to alter a landmark U.S.-India nuclear agreement could undermine the "finely balanced" deal, according to Indian ambassador to Washington Ronen Sen. 

‘Life Is Tragic But Often Beautiful’

Florian Gallenberger is somebody who would fit quite perfectly into the definition of a global citizen within the cinematic world. 

India's Hiv Cases Far Higher Than Official Numbers

The number of new HIV cases in India, home to the second highest infections in the world, is far more than what official data shows and epidemics in some pockets were alarming, the U.N. AIDS chief said.

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