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Saturday, September 17,  2005

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 From September 10, 2005 to September 16, 2005 


Rural People’S Purchasing Power Is Increasing’

Manvendra Singh, 41, is a BJP MP from Barmer, Rajasthan, who looks colourful in his dhoti and headgear. Son of senior BJP leader Jaswant Singh, Manvendra was educated in the US and the UK. A journalist by profession, Manvendra gets good support ...

"Science Without Conscience Is Worse Than No Science"

Jacques Diouf,Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organisation, has strong views on the issue of genetically modified organisms. In an interview, he says we need to put in place an internationally agreed regulatory framework.

A Carpenter Gets Better Daily Wages Than An Artisan’

There is a dire need to promote handicrafts in the country, Dr P N Sankaran tells Cheryl D’ Couto

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