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Friday, September 23, 2005


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From September 15 2005 to September 22, 2005

Making Wealth From Waste

The need of the hour is to manage waste well because inefficient waste management could cause irreparable damage to the environment. 

An Emerging Institution

Dayananda Sagar group of institutions challenges the student's ability to research things by themselves. 

Like A Bright Ray Of Sunshine

Started in 1995 as a home run venture, the Sunshine Autism Trust in Bangalore catering to the needs of children with autism, has now expanded to include fifteen children and six teachers. 

The Last Time I Saw Sir M V

D V Gundappa, the famous litterateur, once recalled the occasion when he had to fall out with the then Dewan Sir Mirza Ismail when the Dewan ordered the shifting of a Ganesha idol into safe custody consequent to a communal disturbance.

New Beetles At Bandipur

A group of entomologists and naturalists of Mysore have identified a wide variety of ants, beetles and butterflies found during a survey at the Bandipur National Park, a part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. This first survey conducted at the park by .... 

Global Warming: Siberia Feels The Heat

It’s a frozen peat bog the size of France and Germany combined that contains billions of tonnes of greenhouse gases and, for the first time since the ice age, it is melting, writes Ian Sample. 

A Mine Of Scholarship

T S Parthasarahty, master of many languages and renowned among scholars around the world for his knowledge of culture, shows no signs of slowing down even at 92. Sakuntala Narasimhan profiles the extraordinary scholar. 

Beneath The Wings Of A Ministering Angel

One woman cared for and taught her brood how to pull together and live as a thriving unit in a self-centred world, discovers Sheila Kumar. 

Our Embattled Cities

As urban centres expand to embrace a wide range of entrants, whether in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata or Bangalore, dissensions arise over what the city means. A reflection on the crisis that afflicts them 

Faith In His Medium

His films may take years to gestate, germinate and grow, before shooting begins. Profiling this year's Dadasaheb Phalke Award winner, Adoor Gopalakrishnan. 

‘A Hacker Is A Good Guy’

At 19, he is the world’s youngest Intelligence consultant. Ankit Fadia was in the City to launch a travel BPO course and his fourth book. 

Hindi Translation Software On Mobile, Internet Launched

To facilitate translation of documents from English to Hindi.

Indian Scientists Discover Celestial Clock

Indian astronomers have discovered the second-most energetic celestial object in the Milky Way. 

Taking Lessons In Flight From Birds And Fish

Aviation research is looking at ways to mimic the bird in flight while reducing harmful gas emissions. Body design and materials study are two core areas. 

Memories Of A Scientist

His honesty and love for work is legendary and he lives on in the numerous engineering marvels he created. L Subramani pays tribute to M Visvesvaraya. 

Getting On The Road Less Travelled
He was Veerappan’s target till last year and was arrested by the police two decades ago for fighting for the rights of the tribal people. Veena Bharathi profiles Dr Sudarshan, who is committed to alleviating the suffering and pain of the poor. 

Winning The Big Fight

In their weaker bodies lie stronger desires. In their limitations lies their greatest strength. L Subramani profiles the success stories of some 'disabled' people who broke their shackles by sheer determination and the power of their dreams. 

Foundation Of Love

Abandoned children, unwed mothers, mentally ill have all found a home in the Mother and Child Foundation in Pynkulam.

Uneasy Existence

With the Forest Department, conservationists and human rights activists at loggerheads, there are no easy solutions for the villagers around the Melghat Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra. 

Hands Off

A woman gets assaulted every half an hour. But why are women silent about this issue? 

Once Upon A Time...

She is colourful and vivacious. And the stories she tells make her a hit with children. Veena Pradeep meets Mama Nomusa whose powerful stories touch many young lives.  

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