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Friday, September 16, 2005


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From September 09, 2005 to September 15, 2005

'We Shouldn't Tamper With Art'

Whenever we talk of Bharathanatyam, it is natural that Vyjayanthimala Baliís name crops up. She was only five years old when she danced before the Pope! 

DoníT Just Research, Use It: World Food Man

Word has spread among Andhraís fish farmers that the man who pioneered the Blue Revolution and won this yearís World Food Prize, now lives among them. 

Winning The Big Fight

In their weaker bodies lie stronger desires. In their limitations lies their greatest strength. L Subramani profiles the success stories of some 'disabled' people who broke their shackles by sheer determination and the power of their dreams. 

Once Upon A Time...

She is colourful and vivacious. And the stories she tells make her a hit with children. Veena Pradeep meets Mama Nomusa whose powerful stories touch many young lives. 

Village ThatíS A Model For Self-Help

Itís not what you would expect an Indian village to be. There are neither any dung heaps, nor garbage mounds. And anyone defecating in the open is slapped with a Rs-20 fine. You canít dump garbage outside your house.

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