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Friday, September 09, 2005


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From September 03, 2005 to September 08, 2005

Village ThatíS A Model For Self-Help

Itís not what you would expect an Indian village to be. There are neither any dung heaps, nor garbage mounds. And anyone defecating in the open is slapped with a Rs-20 fine. You canít dump garbage outside your house.

Courting Cameras

An exhibition on the evolution of the camera in Chandigarh was the result of one man's passion.

Two BíLore Scientists Win Bhatnagar Award

Two Bangalore-based scientists are among the 11 selected for the Rs 2-lakh Bhatnagar Award 2005, one of the countryís most prestigious prizes given in science and technology research.

Ford Proposes Vedic Planetarium In Bengal

ABF International, one of the companies run by US billionaire conglomerate Ford, declared in Kolkata on Wednesday its desire to set up a Rs 176 crore Vedic planetarium besides a village industrial park and a tourism hospitality centre at Mayapur in Nadia.

Aiding The Growth Of A Nascent Industry

The Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology is trying to fuel the growth of the bio-industry through manpower, research and entrepreneurial initiatives.   

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