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Friday, August 12, 2005


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From August 05, 2005 to August 10, 2005


Military Action Alone Cannot Contain Terrorism, Says Alva

Solution lies in dialogue and undoing the injustices of the past.

At Home On Water

Manual fishing is an art. Will it lose out to deep sea trawling?

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

Navnith Krishnan bemoans the fact that the tigers have disappeared from the Sariska reserve of Rajasthan, a fact that authorities have tried their hardest to conceal.

Reclaiming Lost History

As new excavations unearth more temples and monasteries at Sirpur, there is speculation rife on what caused the end of the civilisation, says G Manjusainath.

Breathing Life Into Stone

Surala Venkataramana Bhat has made it his life’s work to marry scripture and stone by capturing the spirit of medieval Hoysala period in his sculptures, says U B Gita.

Eloquent Images Of Struggle

Rupashree Nanda's "Harvest Of Hunger" establishes the link between food insecurity and distress migration in Orissa.

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