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Friday, July 29, 2005

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From July 21, 2005 to July 28, 2005


Improved Spinach Variety For Hilly Regions

THE HORTICULTURAL Research Station, Ooty has released an improved spinach variety labelled Ooty Tt-1 developed from the germplasm of the old variety called New Zealand spinach.

"No Concessions For A Woman Cop"

She is the first top woman police officer in South India. And the fourth in the country. After three decades of dedicated service in the Indian police force, she is known as the cop with nerves of steel.

DoníT Wink At Pakistan

In the 1950s, the British people did not know that there was a new country called Pakistan.

The Answer To A Puzzle: Kvs

Water envelops Malnad in manifold ways. It falls in sheets from the sky, snakes its way around plunging valleys, vanishes into thin smoke from Malnadís typical Ďbath ovensí and reflects the sky in its streams and rivers.

Canadian Storyteller Dips Into Indian Myth

From the Ramayana to the Bhagvatam, Canadian Paul Connolly has written a variety of tales for children based on Indian classics, finds out Swati Anand.

Will The Van Gujjars Survive?

Radhakrishna Rao finds the Van Gujjar community in danger of losing its identity to the cause of conservation.

A Procession Of Warkaris

Pandharpur is witness to a celebration of Ďonenessí every year, when pilgrims come to pay their respects to a group of saints, says V Radhika.

Organic Cultivator Of The Arts

Efforts to develop the culture of the film medium should begin in middle school, said Subbanna. Peter Colaco recollects some thoughts of the late Magsaysay award winner on films and their role.

She Retells Tales Of The Wild With Wit

Zai Whitaker shares her fascination with snakes and other creatures of the wild in a conversation with Jayalakshmi K.

I Use Astronomy As A Trojan Horse'

There is no excitement in the syllabus. There is a feeling that whatever you learn in college is irrelevant, says G. Srinivasan, Scientist, Raman Research Institute.

What Does Nuclear Bargain With Us Entail?

If we do not separate the civilian nuclear facilities from those related to defence, international cooperation will remain a non-starter.

Affordable Desalination

Solar distillation is an age old practice. But Terry Thomas of Kerala has devised a simple and inexpensive apparatus which can supply a familyís daily potable water needs for just Rs.3000.

He Was A Guiding Light To Many

The year 2005 is not only the birth centenary year of Bangalore Gayana Samaja, but also that of its former President V Krishna Murthy.

Portrait Of Artiste As Woman

Dedication, in terms of time and effort, is key to a dancerís or singerís success.

As Good As It Gets

As you tune into Indiaís great debate on the nuclear pact that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has signed up with President George W. Bush, donít let the experts flummox you with all the jargon.

With Noble Intentions

Devaki Jain, writer and social activist, is one of the women nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

A Self-Discovery Trip

Tarun Chandra has made it his life's mission to reform teaching methodology in Indian schools. Empowered teachers are the way forward Tarun Chandra.

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