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Wednesday, December 07,  2005

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From December 01,  2005  to December 06,  2005

 Labour And Politics

THERANJEDUTHA KRITHIKAL — Political Thoughts: B.T. Ranadive; Chintha Publishers, Deshabhimani Road, P. B. No 172, Thiruvananthapuram-695001. 

A Film Man's Life Without The Gossip!

The book is all about the blessings showered on the author and these are the members of his family. It is a moving account of a family-loving gentleman. 

It Is A Penguin Classic, Boss!

The man we have to thank for making literature urgent and handy enough to be carried around in our pockets is Allen Lane, founder of Penguin. The Life and Times of Allen Lane, Jeremy Lewis, Viking, p.496, price not stated.

Alternative History

After the feminist movement and the subaltern school, it is now the turn of that silenced majority of India, the lower castes, to make its voice heard. 

Short Stories In Translation

Anthology of Short Stories from Other Languages: `Rachana' Sai — Compiler; pub. by Vahini Book Trust, 1-9-286/3, Vidyanagar, Hyderabad-500044. Rs. 150.

Snuffed Out Too Early...
The author relates the lives of children who spend their childhood days eking out a living.

Valmiki's Epic

VALAM TARUM VANMIKIYIN SUNDARA KANDAM: Pulavar A. Kalathi. Pub. by Killai Nilayam, 16/383, Arcot Road, Kodambakkam, Chennai-600024. Rs. 120. 

Blighted Affections

Although written naturally, some of the more original sentence constructions might come in for criticism from sticklers of the language. 

Thought-Provoking Articles

Collection of articles on general issues relating to people and society at large 

Gentleman Soldier

‘To the Dogra, soldiering is a family tradition that brings him joy and contentment’.

Testament Of Faith

LETTERS FROM MIRTOLA — Written by Sri Krishnaprem and Sri Madhava Ashish to Karan Singh: Jyotsna Singh — Editor; Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kulapati Munshi Marg, Mumbai-400007. Rs. 150. 

Interpretation Of The Gita

Presents the entire gamut of the Vedantic interpretations of the Gita 

He Walks Into News

Every page, paragraph and sentence in this book is an irresistible quote News from No Man's Land: Reporting the World, John Simpson, Pan/ Macmillan, £7.99. 

Socio-Legal Perspectives Of Adoption

Investigation of adoption in India from a child rights perspective 

Recovery And Recognition Of A Literary Past

Eunice de Souza's anthology gives a present-day perspective of the past and includes an eclectic range of contributors. 

Looking Beyond Hindutva

A probing look beyond Hindutva to get to the heart of Gujarat 

The Dangling Man

Masculinism is, quite possibly, a sham, a rhetoric which cannot find approximations in the real world, yet it is built up to enormous proportions. 

Play Of Shadows

Poems and a Novella is a quest for a sense of the self, to nail it down and define it, to oneself. 

Varied Fare

True to reputation, the stories reflect the vibrancy of modern American short fiction. 

A Magic Betrayed

Despite all the despairing comments, the book ends on a positive note. Tigers in Red Weather, Ruth Padel, LittleBrown, Rs. 833.15. 

Labour Of Love

This book has a little bit for everybody. City of Sin and Splendour: Writings on Lahore, edited by Bapsi Sidhwa, Penguin, Rs.395. 

Exiles And Strangers

Exile and the Kingdom, Albert Camus, first published in English translation 1957, Vintage, $6.50. 

The Artist As A Young Man In An Old City

Orhan Pamuk's evocative memoir is as much about his own life as about his city, a city that has seen two great empires rise and fall. 

An Aura Of Timelessness

Poorani's poems are on issues that interest and affect humanity in general. PADMA NARAYANAN and PREMA SEETHARAM 

He's Got Words

Meet Dreadlockalien, the poet laureate of Birmingham 

Wonders Of The Wild

We need wild animals because we are dependent on them, says Ruth Padel.

Poetics Of Protest

Remembering Mulk Raj Anand on his birth centenary, which falls on December 12. 

An Alternative Voice Of History

Amrita Pritam's idea of cultural community and identity testifies to a social history of Punjab's shared cultural symbols, motifs and landscapes. 

Voice Of The 'Common Man'

Brushing up the Years: A Cartoonist's History of India 1947-2004, R.K. Laxman, Penguin, p.304, Rs. 750.

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