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Wednesday, November 09,  2005

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From October 17,  2005  to  October 25,  2005

Lesser-Known Saiva Siddhanta Text

The first complete translation in English of all that survives of any Saiva Siddhanta Agama

Diaspora Literature

PADAMATI GAALULU - Novel: Vadlamani Kartik; Distributed by Vahini Book Trust, 1-9-286/3,Vidyanagar, Hyderabad-500044. Rs. 100.

Wide-Ranging Essays

THIS BOOK is a collection of 51 essays by D. Babu Paul, who is a man of many parts.

Tutelary Deity

THIS BOOK is mainly based on the myths and legends of Sri Renukadevi, the tutelary deity of the Kammavar community, who migrated to Tamil Nadu from Andhra, nearly 400 years ago.

From The Blurb

The Nice Guy Who Finished First — A Biography of Rahul Dravid: Devendra Prabhudesai; Rupa & Co., 7/16, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi-110002. Rs. 295.

A Public Intellectual

An intellectual marathon runner' with a message to deliver

Value-Based Education

At the outset, this book raises a substantial question of ethics: "Can work done for wages be called service?"

In Tune With The Times

THE CHOICE IS YOURS: K. Satakopan Iyengar; Pub. by Srisukti Pracharini Sabha, Singapore. Copies available at 39, T. Nagar, I Street, Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore-641045. Rs. 450.

Reforms In Irrigation
Painstaking treatise on irrigation in India showing an enthusiasm to subject the most widely accepted of conventional wisdom to scrutiny, and continuous engagement with policy

Travel On The Edge

The book reveals exciting new ways to experience the world in a manner that entertains as well as educates.

Revolutionising The Path Of Information

For the first time after the Arab news channel Al Jazeera broke on the scene— information is flowing from East to West, rather than the other way around.

Progressing From A Whisper To A Scream

JOANNA BRISCOE is glad that Nick Hornby’s ending transcends the beginning of his high-concept novel.

A Mix Of Feminism

The book reflects contemporary social reality through the medium of a short story and a novella.


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