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Wednesday, October 19,  2005

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From October 10,  2005  to  October 18,  2005

Path-Breaking Novel

Kannada Original, U. R. Anantha Murthy. Rendered into Telugu by Sishtia Lakshmipathi Sastry; Sahitya Akademi, Southern Regional Office, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bangalore-560001. Rs. 85.

Vibrant District

NIMIRA VAIKKUM NELLAI: K. S. Radha Krishnan; Bharati Putthaka Nilayam, 2, Kuyavar St, Chennai-600015. Rs. 75.


Authors and publishers are welcome to send copies of their books to The Hindu for review. While every effort will be

Contemporary Islamic Law

Fyzee's contribution by way of consolidation and restatement of the law through cases is a major step forward in an otherwise dicey situation of orthodoxy, prejudice, inequality and fear

The Killer Wave And Its Aftermath

First person account of the tsunami from the time this journalist was shocked out of his holiday in Sri Lanka

It's The Call Of The Mountains

An interesting book that touches the heart of life in the Himalayas Nimi Kurian

Curioser And Curioser...

The story of an autistic boy’s journey to find a killer that ends in personal discovery and a surprising revelation.

A ‘Radiant’ Entry

Cyrus Mistry has heralded his arrival on the literary scene with a book that has all the pre-requisites for appreciation across the seas.

‘Caste’Ing A Spell On The Economy

The book claims that caste is often ‘selectively reworked’ to mean different things at different positions in the economic and social systems.

To Have Yet Not To Hold

The book deals with tricky matter and gives an impression that inter-country adoptions are unqualified successes. 

Indian Communism During The Raj

EVERY political party has to face up to the difficult task of writing its own history

Anti-Majoritarian, Pro-Globalisation

IN 2001, Madhu Purnima Kishwar, an activist and academic, published in Manushi, a periodical from New Delhi, two articles, one dealing with the working conditions of rickshaw-pullers in the capital and the other about street vendors whom she had made a fi

Neocon Lite Nuclear Agenda

A liberal counter-proliferation Bible whose selective implementation will likely leave the world more unequal - and dangerous

A Name Synonymous With The Flute

The haunting call of the flute hits straight at the heart, but despite its religious, folk and romantic associations it was only in the 1940s that the brilliant Pannalal Ghosh, a disciple of Allaudin Khan, gave it a status worthy of Hindustani classical m

Behind The Façade

Lee makes no attempt to disavow that his book is written from a pacifist perspective. His work is effective enough to validate the value of that perspective

Action-Packed, Putdownable Novel

On hand is a putdownable novel for our times. Each time, you can take up Guesswork, which you had put down just a few minutes earlier without a bookmark.

Religious History

MARAIMALAI ADIKAL is known for his scholarship and erudition in Tamil, Sanskrit and English languages.

Parliamentarian And Social Reformer

THE BOOK under review is the memoir of the reputed politician and social reformer, P.T. Rajan (1892-1974). He actively engaged not only in the legal profession but in national politics of the Justice party.

Humane Philosopher

MUCH HAS been written about Sri Narayana Guru in recent years but very little that throws new light on his life or provides new insight about his teachings.

Ain’T Over Till The Fat Lady Sings

The Sunday Philosophy Club; Alexander McCall Smith, Abacus, 2005, pp 297, GBP 2.50.

Experimenting With Love, Across Borders

Beyond the Call of Voice, another offering in the NRI genre, is surprisingly not run-of-the mill, although it reflects a stereotypical view of India.

Enter The Dragon

The Inheritance series, of which the Eldest is the second part, is full of fantastic cliche but makes a good read nevertheless. Eldest; Christopher Paolini, Knopf, 2005, pp 704, Rs 695.

Political Biography This Is Not!

It appears as if the author is being deliberately bland while narrating Indira Gandhi’s life, which makes the book different from other biographies on her.

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