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Wednesday, October 12,  2005

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From October 02,  2005  to  October 09,  2005

Ain’T Over Till The Fat Lady Sings

The Sunday Philosophy Club; Alexander McCall Smith, Abacus, 2005, pp 297, GBP 2.50.

Experimenting With Love, Across Borders

Beyond the Call of Voice, another offering in the NRI genre, is surprisingly not run-of-the mill, although it reflects a stereotypical view of India.

Enter The Dragon

The Inheritance series, of which the Eldest is the second part, is full of fantastic cliche but makes a good read nevertheless. Eldest; Christopher Paolini, Knopf, 2005, pp 704, Rs 695.

Political Biography This Is Not!

It appears as if the author is being deliberately bland while narrating Indira Gandhi’s life, which makes the book different from other biographies on her.

Documenting The Saffron Journey

Analysis of the BJP as the major architect of Hindutva politics and ideology since its founding in 1980

Tenets Of Advaita Vedanta

A treatise offering insight into every aspect of Advaita philosophy

The Global Economy Today

This U.N. publication covers the performance and prospects of the global economy during the first few years of this century

`Crossroads' Literature

A neglected form of literature mostly in songs

Coping Strategies For Organisations

A road map for organisations to successfully navigate their way into the future in the backdrop of the rapidly changing global environment

Saint Who Personified Religious Unity

He stood for human unity for the sum of his teaching is: `one Lord for all'

History Of Tiruvavaduthurai

THIRUVAVADUTHURAI-P-PURANAM: V. R. Madhavan — Editor; pub. by the International Institute of Tamil Studies, Taramani, Chennai-600113. Rs. 250.

Inspiring Biography Of A Scientist

YELLAPRAGADA SUBBAROW: Puranapanda Ranganath — Tr. in Telugu; Pub. by Alakananda Prachuranalu, publication wing of Ashok Book Centre, Opp. Maria Stella College, Vijayawada-520008. Rs. 60.

Philosophy Of Ramanuja

SRI RAMANUJA DARSANA AND SRINIVASA'S YATINDRA MATHA DEEPIKA: With Kannada translation by N. S. Anantharangacharya, copies can be had from author, 780, V Main Road, Vijayanagar, Bangalore-560040. Rs. 111.

The Perfect Guru

This visually splendid book gives the reader a new lens with which to view pichhvais.

Fine Fusion Of Forms

The Accidental boldly steps outside its own formal boundaries and blends different modes of expressions.

Home And The World

On an impulse, I decided to read Amitava Kumar's Bombay, London, New York again. I read it in a hurry when it first came out in 2002, noting with pleasure that it was, among many other things, the first really good book on reading written by an Indian.

Brutal Landscape

Jayanta Mahapatra on how he needs to find the little lights amidst desolation to keep going. Physics taught me that time held you captive, but it also made you free.

On Strangeness In Indian Writing

For 20 long years, influenced by Said and post-colonial theory, the aesthetics of estrangement has been confused with the politics of representation. It is time to restore the stranger's innocence.

Poems Of Remarkable Resonance

Kolatkar was a genuine major talent, feels PRABHAKAR ACHARYA

Textbook Of Laughter And Forgetting

Literature can define the way we perceive and express our worlds. Why then is there no wider debate on the kind of English textbooks that are prescribed, asks AMITAVA KUMAR. Literature can define the way we perceive and express our worlds

Narratives That Linger

A profile of the Tamil writer R. Chudamani by PADMA NARAYANAN and PREMA SEETHARAM.

In Love With The Many Moods Of The Monsoon

The monsoon is a special source of inspiration for Alexander Frater who has followed its course in India.

To Have And To Hold

It is amazing that what Jayakanthan wrote 40 years ago holds good even in the new millennium.

First Impressions

Sadak Chhaap, Meher Pestonji, Penguin, Rs. 250.

Handmaiden Of The Government

Doordarshan Days, Bhaskar Ghose, Viking, Rs. 395

The 'Milk Man' Tells His Story

I Too Had a Dream, Verghese Kurien as told to Gouri Salvi, Lotus, Rs. 395.

Inside Out

A Hack's Progress, Phillip Knightley, Lotus, Rs. 295

The Return Of Salman Rushdie

After a lean phase which, incidentally, included The Satanic Verses, Rushdie has regained his touch, and with some style. Shalimar is also one of his most accessible novels, though, in an age of instant gratification, it still seems unfashionably

The Other Great War

In After Kurukshetra, Mahasweta Devi speaks once again of women from a woman's point of view.

A Feminist Manifesto

Lyndall Gordon attempts to see in Mary Wollstonecraft's contrariety, a positive desire to inculcate and discard, to test and shape her growing genius.

Between Cultures

Aslam is courageous for recording his impressions of an insular world.

New Narratives

A compact collection, Curtains celebrates the Indian woman and `herstories'.

The Writings Of Another Literary Family

Eunice de Souza's recent book, The Satthianadhan Family Album, is an interesting attempt to understand the life of early Tamil Christians.

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