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Wednesday, September 28,  2005

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From September 13,  2005  to  September 20,  2005

Essays On Vaishnavism

STUDIES IN SRI VAISHNAVA LITERATURE II: M. Varadarajan; Pub. by Sri Ananth Publications, 6-40, Padmavathi Puram, Tiruchanur Road, Tirupati-517503.

Overview Of Dalit Literary Writing In Tamil

The essays reveal the growing self-confidence of Dalit writers.

Instrument For Poverty Alleviation

Combines theoretical reflections and case studies on microfinance.

Advocate Of Human Dignity

A tireless propagandist imbued with an extraordinary zeal for social transformation.

Democracy For All?

For North, the U.S. is neither in process nor substance a democracy.

Muruga In Tamil Tradition

SENTAMIZH MURUGAN: P. Muthu Kumaraswamy. Pub. by Palaniyappa Brothers, `Konarmalikai', 25, Peters Road, Chennai-600014.

Temple Rituals

RITUALS OF CHIDAMBARAM: John A. Loud; Published by Institute of Asian Studies, Chemmancherry, Chennai-600119.

Philosophy Of Ramanuja

BHAGAVADVISHAYA DARSANA KAIPIDI: T. K. Iyengar; Copies from author No. 2013, South End `E' Cross, 9th Block, Jayanagar East, Bangalore-560089.

Quest For Emancipation

HIMAJWALA: Vaddera Chandidaas; Pub. by Alakananda Prachuranalu, Opp. Maris Stella College, Vijayawada-520008. 

Uniquely Sobti
The Heart Has Its Reasons,(Dil-o-Danish), Krishna Sobti. Translated from Hindi by Reema Anand and Meenakshi Swami, Katha, 

Life In The Fast Lane
A hard-hitting book that does not baulk from telling the bitter truth about life on the fringes of society, written in a simple style.  

An American Empire In Denial
The author feels that the US should face its imperial obligations as Britain did. He is sure that the ‘new empire’ is destined to do good for mankind Colossus— the Rise and Fall of the American Empire , Niall Ferguson, Penguin, 2005, pp 386, £ 6.30.

Twist In The Puranic Tale
The author has used his considerable knowledge of ancient scripture to produce a modern, tongue-in-cheek set of stories that proves to be very entertaining.  

For Want Of A Book

Penguin has brought out a pocket series that could be an excellent way of meeting new authors or re-visiting old favourites Zadie Smith ; Pocket Penguin, 2005.

This Is Even Better Than The Real Thing’

Zadie Smith’s homage to E M Forster, On Beauty is deliciously funny and beautifully nuanced, says Stephanie Merritt. On Beauty ; Zadie Smith, Hamish Hamilton, 2005. 

Social Novels
INBA NINAIVU AND SANTHIPPU: Akilon; Dhagam, G-3/8, Masilamani Street, Pondy Bazaar, T. Nagar, Chennai-600017.

A Jewel Crafted By Nature

About a wildlife haven and a people determined to pass this living heritage on to generations unborn.

Regulation Of The Banking Sector

Supervision is a critical issue apart from the issues of reforms in the banking sector today. This book examines different issues relating to banks and finance companies. 

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

ORU PANANCHOLAI KIRAMATIN EZHUCHI: N. K. Ragunathan; Kumaran Publishers, 3(12) Meigai Vinayagar Street (via) Kumaran Colony, 7th street, Vadapalani, Chennai-600026. Rs. 75.  

Anthology Spanning Six Decades In Story Writing

Collection of 70 short stories portraying human emotions, hopes and fears, convictions and compromises.

Champion Of The Poor

A K G — JEEVITHAVUM PRAVARTHANANGALUM: C. Bhaskaran — Editor; Chintha Publishers, Thiruvananthapuram-695001. Rs. 65.  

Story Of Another Shakuntala

SHAKUNTALA is perhaps one of the best-known names of Indian legends.  

Cooking Up A Storm

From young media guys to middle-aged ad professionals, out-of-work intellectuals and writers– all versions of modern-day Adam in India are climbing on to the food bandwagon.

Time Of Transition

LONG before the Great Indian Tourist discovered Lonely Planet guides and Travel and Living lifestyle shows, Hugh and Colleen Gantzer were taking their readers around the world with their regular writings on exotic destinations and holistic holidays.  

Story Of Another Shakuntala

Shakuntala: The Play of Memory, Namita Gokhale, Penguin, Rs. 300.  

Travel On The Edge

The book reveals exciting new ways to experience the world in a manner that entertains as well as educates. 

Revolutionising The Path Of Information

For the first time after the Arab news channel Al Jazeera broke on the scene— information is flowing from East to West, rather than the other way around. 

Progressing From A Whisper To A Scream

JOANNA BRISCOE is glad that Nick Hornby’s ending transcends the beginning of his high-concept novel. 

A Mix Of Feminism

The book reflects contemporary social reality through the medium of a short story and a novella.

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