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Wednesday, July 27,  2005

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                                                                          From July 18, 2005 to July 25, 2005


Politicisation Of Culture

The door on which a great part of this volume hangs is the rise of Hindu nationalism and what it entails in our understanding of India and Indian politics.

Asian Ecumenism
History of Asian ecumenism which has acquired its own identity and vibrancy.

Madras In Line And Tone
A curious book to be published by a Saiva Siddhanta society, this book with an even more grammatically curious title describes itself as a "Collectors (sic) Edition".

Ideology Of Honour And Status
Highlights the multiple constructions of honour and status offering a new perspective on identity politics.

Valuable Addition To Buddhist Literature
The book would have made a greater impact on the reading public if the matter had been presented in a more organised manner.

Little Histories Of A War-Torn Country
Essential reading for anyone trying to understand the Sri Lankan . conflict— the book records the unknown voices of the people involved in the civil war.

Egypt Blasts
FOLLOWING close on the heels of the London bombings, Saturday’s devastating series of suicide explosions that killed 88 people at the tourist resort of Sharm al-Sheikh in Egypt should leave no doubt that the arena for the war on terror continues to expand.

Operation Dance: A Us Invasion
One of the first to see the beauty of and in Indian traditions was an American, La Meri, who created her own dances based on Indian themes.

Condensation Of History
Renuka Ray was an active member of the independence movement. Her reminiscences are a subjective microscopic account of the important events of the period.

Stalking India’S Own ‘Honorary Tiger’
An amazing tale of a youngster drawn to blood sports, who later became a fierce protector of the animals that he hunted.

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