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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


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Art, Culture, Heritage

Art in India has been synonymous with life, enmeshed into the daily existence of every individual born into this culturally rich and diverse land, long before written history became fashionable.

Book Review

Historically immemorial, India has produced numerous texts, philosophies, and literature. In continuation of this tradition, we will produce numerous books produced and reviewed in India.


India is a place known for its saints and scholars. Some of the greatest contemporary people who have impacted the way the world worked, thought, lived and acted were Indians


Interviews of eminent personalities of India.


India is a multi-destination country with a variety of tourist attractions especially in the South India, for example the historical temples of South India.

Positive Articles

Many news stories about India carry negative and sensational stories but miss out the numerous positive developments in the nation. This newsletter will carry many stories that are positive and inspirational.

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