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Saturday, October 27, 2007

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  1. China's Lunar Satellite (March 19, 2007)
    According to the Commission of Science Technology and Industry for National Defence (COSTIND), China is apparently ready to launch its first lunar satellite in September and forms the first step in its three phase moon program.<More>

  2. Iran Stalemate Intensifies With More Sanctions (March 15, 2007)
    So called permanent U.N. powers and Germany, weary of Iran's hardening position on its nuclear program, agreed "in principle" on a new set of sanctions on Tehran for continuing to defy world demands to abandon its enrichment program.<More>

  3. Largest NATO Offensive in Afghanistan (March 13, 2007)
    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) troops launched its largest operation since 2001 against a resurgent Taliban specifically targeting drug lords and rebel leaders in the opium heartland Halmand Province.<More>

  4. Moon Mission on Track (March 12, 2007)
    The federal government sanctioned Rs. 100 crore (USD 22 million) for the Chandrayaan-I project that will see the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) launch the spacecraft 100 kilometers from the Lunar orbit in March 2008.<More>

  5. Next Terror Attack on U.S. From Pak (March 06, 2007)
    As the first India-Pakistan Joint Mechanism on Terrorism (JMT) concluded its first meeting at Islamabad, the most anti-India organization, the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) seems to be operating with impunity and continues to spew venom on the peace-process.<More>

  6. IAEA Cannot Certify Iranian Program "Peaceful" (March 06, 2007)
    International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director Mohammed El Baradei reported that his agency "cannot provide the required assurance about the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program."<More>

  7. Multi-Nation Naval Exercise in Pak (March 06, 2007)
    The Pakistan Navy is hosting a 27-nation naval exercise that includes ships from Britain, France, China, Malaysia, and Bangladesh as part of the AMAN 07 exercise in the North Arabian Sea.<More>

  8. Massive Increase in China Defense Budget (March 05, 2007)
    Ahead of the National People's Congress (NPC), China revealed a new defense budget that was 17.8 per cent or USD 45 billion higher that last year raising fears in Western and neighboring capitals on its motivations.<More>

  9. Indo-Pak Anti-Terror Meet (March 05, 2007)
    India and Pakistan will meet for the first time in Islamabad to further the anti-terror mechanism devised on the sidelines of the NAM summit in Havana (Cuba) in September 2006 and after it was formally construed last November.<More>

  10. Naxals Kill JMM MP (March 05, 2007)
    Suspected Naxal terrorists shot dead a Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) Lok Sabha Member of Parliament Sunil Kumar Mahato, two security guards, and a party secretary.<More>

  11. Moon Mission Progresses (March 05, 2007)
    With higher allocation of funds for space research, Indian space scientists have started integrating satellites for the moon mission Chandrayaan-1 which is a scientific investigation spacecraft.<More>

  12. MiG-21s to Stay Longer (February 27, 2007)
    Indian Air Force (IAF) Chief-designate Air Marshal F.H. Major said that the MiG-21s will stay longer through mid-life up-gradation as new aircraft are inducted over the next eight to nine years.<More>

  13. Japan's New Spy Satellite Network (February 27, 2007)
    With a successful launch of the last of a fleet of four reconnaissance satellites, Japan has finally managed to realize a decade of hard work aimed at creating a network of spy satellites that can focus, peer, and poke any place in the world.<More>

  14. Suicide Attempt on Cheney (February 27, 2007)
    A Taliban suicide bomber failed in his attempt to assassinate visiting U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney in Afghanistan after bad weather forced him to stay back in a military base after he concluded discussions on the threat of al Qaeda and the Taliban.<More>

  15. India Bans Nuclear Exports to Iran (February 26, 2007)
    Ahead of a tough message expected from the so-called permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and responding to Tehran's continue rejection of UNSC demands, India banned export of nuclear material, equipment, and technology to Iran.<More>

  16. Long-Range Pak Missile Tested (February 26, 2007)
    Pakistan successfully test-fired a new version of its long-range nuclear-capable missile called Shaheen II that has a range of 1,245 miles as part of its "process of validation and technical improvement." <More>

  17. Cheney in Surprise Pak Visit (February 26, 2007)
    In a surprise move, U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney visited Pakistan on his way to Kabul carrying a message from President George Bush that Islamabad will lose its financial aid if it cannot manage its border with Afghanistan.<More>

  18. Manipur Ambush, Army on Hunt (February 26, 2007)
    After 40-50 heavily armed terrorists ambushed and killed 16 policemen in Manipur, security forces are combing the area to catch the perpetrators and have recovered a large cache of weapons.<More>

  19. U.S. Says Natanz Plan has Khan Links (February 19, 2007)
    The U.S. Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) says that the Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz has "unexplained ties" with the disgraced Pakistani scientist A.Q. Khan's proliferation network.<More>

  20. Indo-French Air Exercise (February 19, 2007)
    India and France kicked off the third air combat exercise with India field Sukhoi-30s, Mirage-2000s and MiG-27s and France its Mirage-2000D and Mirage-2000V for mutual exposure to "fighter tactics" and "build interoperability."<More>

  21. BrahMos on Naval Aircraft (February 09, 2007)
    The Navy is in the process of fitting its long-range maritime reconnaissance aircraft such as IL-38, IL-76 and TU-142 with supersonic BrahMos missiles enhancing their capability to include striking power at identified targets.<More>

  22. 40 More Sukhoi Jets, 126 MRCA Plan is On (February 09, 2007)
    The Indian Air Force (IAF) clarified that it plans to get 40 more Sukhoi-30MKIs from Russia as well as faster indigenous production of 140 of these fighters in addition to the 126 multi-role combat aircraft (MRCA).<More>

  23. Treaty to Ban Weapons in Space (February 08, 2007)
    Responding to criticism on its recent test to destroy satellites in space, Beijing said that it was ready to work on an agreement to prevent an arms race in space.<More>

  24. NK May Back Off Nuclear Brink (February 08, 2007)
    After months of insisting that it is a nuclear weapons state and would not give up its new status, Pyongyang seems to walk away from the brink in return for financial aid, energy benefits, and security guarantees.<More>

  25. Manipur Terror Law Questioned (February 07, 2007)
    Latest killing of a Manipuri youth by Army personnel has brought into focus the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) being questioned by human rights groups and put to test by voters later this week to elect a new Assembly.<More>

  26. Large Fighter Jet Order by Mid-2007 (February 07, 2007)
    A senior defense official said that India would release a tender seeking to buy 126 fighter planes valued at USD nine billion by mid-2007 and coveted by many giants of military fighter manufacturers.<More>

  27. First Indo-Pak Meet on Anti Terror Mechanism (February 07, 2007)
    India and Pakistan are to meet to "identify and implement counter-terrorism initiatives and investigations."<More>

  28. Over 1000 BrahMos from Russia (February 06, 2007)
    India’s Russian partner NPO Mashinostroyenie revealed that it would soon ship over 1,000 supersonic BrahMos missiles to defense forces within the next few years bringing to fruition the 1999 project.<More>

  29. India on EU Project to Study Universe (February 06, 2007)
    India will join one of the largest physics project, championed by the EU, to study the evolution of the Universe seconds after the Big Bang during the India-EU Ministerial Science Conference this week.<More>

  30. Massive Naval War-Game (February 05, 2007)
    In their largest ever war-game, the Indian Navy has amassed a large number of ships, submarines, aircraft carrier, and helicopters in the Arabian Sea to conduct a “theatre readiness operational exercise” called “Tropex.”<More>

  31. New Copter-UAV for Navy (February 05, 2007)
    The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and the Navy are working to create an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can take off from ships to slip into “danger zones” below the radar and return gathering inputs about enemy deployment inputs in littoral areas.<More>

  32. India on GLONASS GPS (January 31 , 2007)
    After failing to secure a berth in the US and European Global Positioning Systems (GPS) because it failed to get guarantees of uninterrupted service contract, India gained access to the Russian Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS).<More>

  33. India on GLONASS GPS (January 31 , 2007)
    After failing to secure a berth in the US and European Global Positioning Systems (GPS) because it failed to get guarantees of uninterrupted service contract, India gained access to the Russian Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS).<More>

  34. Russia Uranium Pilfered? (January 31 , 2007)
    Georgia revealed that its agents posing as Islamic rebels arrested a Russian businessmen trying to sell weapons-grade uranium hidden in his jacket a independent reports quoted US authorities confirming that the uranium was 90% enriched.<More>

  35. MiG-35 on IAF Radar (January 31 , 2007)
    The impending 126 IAF fighter aircraft contract is seeing spirited competition from Russia’s MiG-35, the enlarged and more advanced version of the MiG-29/MiG-33 family and seen as a potential replacement for the MiG-29 and Su-27.<More>

  36. Aerospace Command to Protect Space Assets (January 30 , 2007)
    Responding to the Chinese satellite killer weapon, Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal S.P. Tyagi said that India is in the process of setting up a separate “aerospace command” to exploit outer space and also to protect “space assets.”<More>

  37. Hurriyat Wants to Stop Violence (January 30 , 2007)
    In sharp variance with its past of supporting armed insurgency as a means to achieve a “solution” to the Kashmir question, the Hurriyat Conference, an umbrella group of separatist organizations has called for a cessation of violence as means to achieve their objectives.<More>

  38. US Anti-Proliferation US Law (January 30 , 2007)
    The Democrat controlled US Congress passed a new law that will require the US President to take “punitive action” against nations with dubious proliferation records or those that cooperate with those that proliferate.<More>

  39. Space Arming Realities, Abe Wants Cons Change (January 29, 2007)
    With new nuclear weapons state in the neighborhood and testing of anti-satellite missile by China leading to possible arming of space, is compelling Japan to reconsider changing its pacifist Constitution to protect its interests.<More>

  40. Foreign Defense Contracts (January 29, 2007)
    As part of its new defense procurement policy, India is all set to sign offset agreements with two foreign companies requiring foreign vendors to source one-third of the value of the contract from within India.<More>

  41. NK Nuclear Help to Iran, Indian Help Sought (January 25, 2007)
    The Daily Telegraph carried an expose that accused North Korea (NK) of helping Iran with nuclear testing similar to the one it carried out last October by providing Iranian scientists relevant data and know-how.<More>

  42. Satellite recovered from sea (January 24, 2007)
    The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Space Capsule Recovery Experiment (SRE-I) was a “grand success” as the capsule “gently” splashed down into the Bay of Bengal and recovered by the Coast Guard.<More>

  43. Russian Engines and Chinese Planes (January 24, 2007)
    Russia has assured India that it will not allow China to use its RD-93 engines in the JF-17 Thunder multi-role fighter aircraft in planes it plans to sell to Pakistan and is apparently covered in the end0user certificate contracts barring export of technology to Pakistan.<More>

  44. Pak Forces Attacked by NATO (January 24, 2007)
    NATO troops using helicopter gun-ships returned fire on a Pakistani check post on the Afghanistan border in an obvious retaliation for Pakistani Army giving covering fire for infiltration of terrorists in North Waziristan.<More>

  45. China Satellite Killer Missile (January 23, 2007)
    After many wishy-washy statements, China for the first time confirmed the successful testing of a satellite killer missile but insisted that it was “peaceful development of outer space” and “opposes the arming of space and military competition in space.” <More>

  46. Islamic Leader Surrenders in Kenya (January 23, 2007)
    An Islamic leader of Somalia’s ousted Islamic movement surrendered to Kenyan authorities raising hopes that the moderate Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed can facilitate moderation of widespread Jihadist insurgency in Africa..<More>

  47. Involve Myanmar in ULFA Hunt (January 20, 2007)
    With increased violence from United Liberation of Asom (ULFA), External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee is visiting Myanmar over the weekend to cement oral agreement on the sidelines of the ASEAN meet in the Philippines on joint operations.<More>

  48. New Amphibious Ship is 'Jalashva'  (January 20, 2007)
    The Indian Navy took possession of US Trenton and rename it INS 'Jalashva' in the hope that it will greatly enhance rescue operation and troop transportation capabilities.<More>

  49. Majors at Aero India Expected (January 20, 2007)
    With a planned purchase of 126 Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MRCA) valued at more than USD 7 billion still undecided, the Aero India in Bangalore this Bangalore is expected to attract major players.<More>

  50. AEC Chairman Guarded on Nuke Deal (January 18, 2007)
    In an interview with The Hindu, Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) was guarded on the Indo-US Civilian Nuclear Deal only to list the concerns that the Indian establishment still hankers but also said that these are issues that can be clarified.<More>

  51. India in New Security Block (January 18, 2007)
    A new four party security block including the US, Japan, Australia, and India is being formed and apparently discussed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during his visit to Japan with his counterpart Shinzo Abe Indian PM Visit to Japan.<More>

  52. US Accuses Pak of Harboring Taliban (January 17, 2007)
    NATO troops claimed to have killed 150 ill-equipped and ill-trained insurgent recruits sent to fight by Jalaluddin Haqqani whom senior US officials lives in Pakistan even as there is a surge of Taliban fighters crossing the border to fight coalition troops.<More>

  53. US Bombs Islamists in Somalia (January 11, 2007)
    At least two incidents of US plane and helicopter bombed Islamists caught in a pincer between Ethiopian and Somali forces on the one hand and Kenyan troops on the other and many believe that key al Qaeda militants may have been killed in the attack.<More>

  54. ULFA Killing Wave in NE (January 10, 2007)
    Army and paratroopers searched remote jungles trying to flush out United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) terrorists who killed 69 migrant workers from Bihar and their excuse is that they do not want non-Assamese in Assam.<More>

  55. Advanced Defense Lab in Bangalore (January 10, 2007)
    The Defence Researh and Development Organisation (DRDO) is starting a Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR) in its campus in Bangalore and expected to become the most elite laboratory for defense research and development (R&D).<More>

  56. Moon Rover Plans (January 09, 2007)
    As part of the second Chadrayan mnission in 2010-11, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is planning to land a motorized rover on the moon to pick up samples of soil or rocks, perform chemical analysis, and beam data to mother spacecraft.<More>

  57. Madras Regiment for Congo (January 09, 2007)
    The oldest infantry regiment in the Indian Army, the 26 Madras Infantry Battalion Group, drawing its troops from South Indian states, has been selected to represent the nation for UN peacekeeping duties in the Democratic Republic of Congo.<More>

  58. Indo-Singapore Air Force Exercise (January 09, 2007)
    The Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) completed a bilateral exercise in December with the IAF fielding Mirage and Jaguar aircraft and RSAF’s F-16 C/D Fighting Falcons and F-5E Tiger aircraft.<More>

  59. US Warns NK of N-Tests (January 08, 2007)
    The US warned North Korea of "severe consequences" to the diplomatic effort in response to a South Korean legislator’s warning that Pyongyang is now fully prepared to carry out a second nuclear test.<More>

  60. Bigger S&T Budget (January 08, 2007)
    With increased input from educationalists and technologists, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh promised a significant increase in budget allocation for science and technology (S&T) so there is a “new thrust to and renewed investment in basic sciences.”<More>

  61. Russian Air Defense for Iran (January 05, 2007)
    Ignoring international sanctions on Tehran for its suspected nuclear weapons program, Moscow supplied “at least half” of the contracted Tor-M1 short-range air defense systems valued at USD 1.4 billion to be deployed around strategically sensitive centers.<More>

  62. Indian Land Ships (December 28, 2006)
    On January 4, the Navy will induct its third landing ship INS Shardul, capable of carrying 11 main battle tanks, 10 army vehicles and 500 troops for amphibious operations and traveling at 15.8 knots to land forces directly on beaches.<More>

  63. Pak Says N-sites Can Withstand Strike (December 27, 2006)
    Marking the 130th birth anniversary of Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah, President Pervez Musharraf asserted that his nation will continue to invest in defense capabilities and that its “nuclear and missile power” are protected even from a “nuclear attack.”<More>

  64. Bush Allays Indian Concerns (December 26, 2006)
    US President George Bush called Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to wish him for the season and to also allay fears in India over the civilian cooperation bill and both leaders concluded that these concerns can be addressed in the “1-2-3 Agreement.”<More>

  65. Security Ties with Myanmar (December 25, 2006)
    Visiting Myanmar Home Minister Major General Maung Oo assured Home Minister Shivraj Patil that his nation will co-operate with India to share information at field and national level on insurgent movements, border management, and drug trafficking.<More>

  66. Recoverable Sat on PSLV (December 23, 2006)
    The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said that it is preparing to launch four satellites on a single Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C7) in January and one of the satellites will be recoverable after a week or so in orbit.<More>

  67. India to Retain Testing Rights (December 20, 2006)
    As US President George Bush signed in the nuclear deal that granted India access to nuclear fuel outside the ambit of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), harsh criticism was heaped in India on restrictions placed on the nation by US policy makers.<More>

  68. China-Pak End Exercises (December 19, 2006)
    China and Pakistan ended a 10-day joint military exercise that focused on anti-terror operations to share “each others experiences in planning and conduct of anti-terrorist operations” for mutual benefit and also to strengthen traditional bilateral bonds of friendship.<More>

  69. Naxal Raid Train, Loot Guns (December 18, 2006)
    In a second such incident this year, 15-20 Naxals halted a train in the middle of dense forests, to relieve Rapid Action Force (RAF) jawans of their weapons and walkie-talkies prompting a wide combing operation to nab them.<More>

  70. India Says Pak Still Has Terror Camps (December 18, 2006)
    Defence Minister A.K. Antony said that though there had been a drop in infiltration numbers crossing the Line of Control, there are still over 59 terror-training camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK).<More>

  71. New Money Laundering Law (December 13, 2006)
    India has enacted the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) that would allow government agencies to track funding of terrorist activities and greatly help intelligence agencies monitor the flow of funds often indicative of terrorist strikes.<More>

  72. China’s Threatening Maritime Plans (December 08, 2006)
    Naval Chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta warned that China’s maritime plans, co-opting neighboring nations including Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Eastern African nations, could be used against India in the future.<More>

  73. Update on Missile Programs (November 30, 2006)
    Defense Minister A.K. Antony updated the Parliament that the supersonic cruise missile BrahMos has been inducted into the Defense forces and the Trishul anti-Missile project completed while the Akash and Nag missile programs are behind schedule.<More>

  74. Dutt Acquitted on Terrorism (November 29, 2006)
    Actor Sunil Dutt, son of erstwhile actors and Congress Party luminaries, was acquitted of terrorism charges even though others with lesser role and charges were convicted recently; the court however convicted him on possession of illegal weapons.<More>

  75. Hizb ‘Commander’ Killed (November 29, 2006)
    Security forces killed the ‘commander’ of the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen’s South Kashmir division Mohammad Ashraf Shah who is ranked 2nd in Hizb’s hierarchy and earned a reputation of clever and ruthless terrorist who also tried facilitating a ceasefire.<More>

  76. Hawk Jet Trainers Next Year (November 28, 2006)
    The first two of the 66 Hawk Advance Jet Trainers (HAJT) ordered by the Indian Air Force (IAF) in 2004 is reportedly in final stages of testing at the BAE Systems and will fly by year-end and slotted for delivery by September next year.<More>

  77. High-Tech Upgrade for Army (November 28, 2006)
    The Indian Army is planning major upgrades to their personnel’s standard battle gear with new uniforms, multi-function weaponry, sensors to monitor their health parameters, and latest communication network for instant access to information on the battlefield.<More>

  78. Successful Test of Interceptor Missile (November 28, 2006)
    Adding to its defensive missile capability, India announced that it had tested an interceptor missile successfully to destroy an incoming Prithivi-II and claiming to have “acquired the capability of air defense against the incoming ballistic missile threat.” <More>

  79. Zero Tolerance for Terrorism (November 27, 2006)
    Addressing a call made by the Intelligence Bureau Chief for stronger laws against terrorism, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that the nation must “use relevant provisions” in a “professional and scientific manner” but not link it to any religion.<More>

  80. Small Success Against Naxals (November 24, 2006)
    Targeting senior terrorists of the outlawed Communist Party of India (Maoist) group, the Andhra Pradesh police have managed to make tactical gains on Naxalism seizing sophisticated weapons and cash from the encounter.<More>

  81. Terror Attack from Sea (November 23, 2006)
    Home Minister Shivraj Patil revealed that “in view of the recent Indo-US agreement of civil nuclear energy cooperation, our atomic power plants have become highly vulnerable” apart from “multi-purpose projects and shipyards” to terrorist attacks.<More>

  82. Indo-Swiss S&T Cooperation (November 22, 2006)
    Visiting Federal Minister for Science & Technology Kapil Sibal and Switzerland Home Minister Pascal Couchepin signed an Executive Program of Cooperation (POC) within the ambit of the framework umbrella agreement on cooperation signed November 2003.<More>

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