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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Pondicherry the Union Territory of India, encompasses an area of only 492 sq km with Pondicherry town and its villages covering 293 sq km surrounded by the South Arcot District, Karaikal town and its villages covering 160 sq km surrounded by Thanjavur District, Mahe and its villages covering 9 sq km surrounded by the Kerala State, and Yanam covering 30 sq km within the East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh. Pondicherry, the headquarters of the Union Territory, lies 162 km south of Madras. The French first established their foothold in Pondicherry in 1673; Karaikal was obtained from the King of Thanjavur in 1738. 


Mahe was handed over to the French by the ruler of Badagara in 1721. Yanam came into their possession in 1731.The French Government handed over the administration of their territories to the Government of India in November, 1954. The territories were constituted into the Union Territory of Pondicherry. Nearly 35 % of the population is engaged in agriculture and allied pursuits. Eighty seven per cent of the cultivated area is irrigated. The main food crop is rice.

Pondicherry is a living monument of French culture in India. Places of interest: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Govt. Museum, Bharathi & Bharathidasan Memorial Museum, Govt. Square, Botanical Garden, French Institute, Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Joan of Arc, Manakula Vinayagar Temple, Ananda Rangapillai Mansion, Auroville and Boat Club 
at Chunnambar river. Sites in Karakal Arasalar Boat Club, Thirunallar Saneeswar and Karaikal Ammaiyar Temple.


Life Insurance Corporation of India, (LIC) on Thursday, launched a new group insurance product, ‘Group critical illness rider,’ targeted primarily at employer-employee groups who have taken group insurance products earlier or are planning. . . (Lic Launches Group Insurance Product , Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 26, 2007)

For people with severe arthritis, even hope can hurt. But, for optimists here's some good news ~ scientists have discovered two genes which could predict a disabling form of spondylitis in later life. (Hope For Arthritis Patients , Statesman, Editorial, Statesman, Oct 23, 2007)

The Maoists quit the coalition government today and announcing a three-week agitation programme to disrupt the Constituent Assembly elections due to the authorities’ reluctance to abolish the monarchy. (Maoists Quit Govt, To Disrupt Polls, Telegraph, J. HEMANTH, Sep 19, 2007)

Ever thought if your cars had a persona and a mind of their own, what would they be like? Well, modern cars would be something like the Lightning McQueen from the film 'Cars' - too full of themselves, until they meet with their nemesis! . . . .. (Rearing To Go? Butt Naturally! , Singapore Times, Correspondent or Reporter, Aug 28, 2007)

An internal appraisal system introduced last year for police stations in the city has started delivering results. (Internal Appraisal Of Police Stations Effective, Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Apr 24, 2007)

Statutory Warning: This office is injurious to health. Such a sign hanging outside office buildings could well become mandatory, what with the list of workplace ailments and conditions growing longer. (Office Alert, Times of India, Editorial, The Times of India, Mar 15, 2007)

I AM 50 years old and am suffering from indigestion, gastritis and hyperacidity for about a year. I was treated for spondylitis with Tizan SR (6 mg). Forthe past year, I feel nauseous if I eat spicy food. (Ask The Doc , Hindu, Editorial, The Hindu, Feb 11, 2007)

Talking to reporters at DMK headquarters, which was the scene of celebrations and jubilation, party president Karunanidhi said on Thursday that a decision on a coalition government would be taken by his party in consultation with its allies. (Jaya Out, Mk May Opt For Coalition , Deccan Herald, S Murari, May 12, 2006)

An exploration of the psychological states represented by the ancient myths of India marking Pudumaipithan's growth as a creative thinker. (Myth As Metaphor In Feminist Fiction, Hindu, Prema Nandakumar , Mar 28, 2006)

Norman Cousins, a tenacious optimist, was editor-in-chief of the Saturday Review for over 35 years. He was a tireless advocate for world peace but in his later years devoted much writing and study to the issues of illness and healing. (Good Health Is A Laughing Matter , The Economic Times, MUKUL SHARMA, Mar 07, 2006)

A Commendable attempt to present the gist of the 18 traditional Puranas in a single volume, Pathinen Puranangal is welcome as an array of legends that sound quite relevant to our century. (Traditional Puranas, Hindu, Prema Nandakumar , Mar 07, 2006)

I was asked to examine the minister. His complaint was 'pain in the neck'. In technical parlance we refer to it as cervical spondylosis. (Problem Spines, Times of India, Anoop Kohli, Jan 19, 2006)

It’s our turn to help elders who watched us take the first steps There is no doubt about this — India is graying. While growing population and limited resources are a matter of global concern, there is yet another problem emerging out of it. (The Aged And The Younger Generation , Deccan Herald, Sharada Prahladrao , Jan 05, 2006)

Thrust on agriculture in the credit plan prepared by NABARD (Pondicherry's Credit Need Put At Rs 359.89 Crores, Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Dec 14, 2005)

Village was the venue for historic referendum in 1954 (Government Plans Grand Monument At Kizhoor, Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 19, 2005)

At night the mind takes stock of all that one has or has not done all life, and fears and worries creep in (Terrors Of The Dark , Deccan Herald, Sheila Kumar, Sep 15, 2005)

INBA NINAIVU AND SANTHIPPU: Akilon; Dhagam, G-3/8, Masilamani Street, Pondy Bazaar, T. Nagar, Chennai-600017. Rs. 45. (Social Novels, Hindu, Prema Nandakumar , Sep 13, 2005)

This is something the glossy film magazines won’t tell you. The leader of Bollywood’s brat pack, Kareena Kapoor, falls sick every month. (And You Thought Glamour Had No Side-Effects, Indian Express, Ambrose Pinto , Dec 14, 2003)

Last week, Asif Zardari spent his seventh consecutive birthday alone in prison. He remains a hostage to his wife’s political career. A male spouse in a traditional society that elected the Muslim world’s first woman prime minister was bound to find ... (Happy Birthday, Asif, Indian Express, Benazir Bhutto, Jul 29, 2003)

Sir, - This is with reference to the report on Kerala's financial position (June 19) stating that the State is facing bankruptcy with an average monthly deficit of Rs. 170 crores. (Not Bankrupt , Hindu, Editorial, The Hindu, May 16, 2001)


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