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Thursday, November 08, 2007


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Republic of the Maldives, or Divedhi Raajjeyge Jumburiya, lying about 675 km south-west of Sri Lanka, consists of more than 1200 small coral islands (199 inhabited), grouped in 19 atolls, in the northern Indian Ocean.

The capital city of Maldives is Male, and the country has Presidential form of Democratic Government.  The predominant religion is Islam. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, has been the President of Maldives since November 1978.  The Indian Navy had launched Operation Cactus in 1988-89 to rescue the then Male Government in the wake of a coup.  


A state of emergency was declared in Maldives, on August 14, 2004 after paramilitary forces moved in on thousands of protesters who had gathered for hours in Male, demanding change in the autocratic rule.  India has the best of relations with Maldives, though it holds the opinion that the Gayoom regime should not do anything to stifle the democratic aspirations of the people. Recently, when Maldives was affected by the tsunami disaster, India promptly dispatched relief aid and rescue teams.


It is often said that farmers are on the front lines dealing with global warming, their livelihoods being extraordinarily dependent on the weather. But tour operators and resort owners are not far behind. (Climate Change And Tourism , Deccan Herald, Elisabeth Rosenthal, Nov 08, 2007)

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), which is scrutinising the Tehelka-Aaj Tak sting operation on the post-Godhra riots in Gujarat, said no one can challenge the findings of national inquiries. (Allies Want Joint Modi Attack, Asian Age, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 05, 2007)

In the case of Nepal, historically India's foreign policy has been driven by its security concerns, but the policy planning has been patchy. (Nepal Needs A Close Look, Pioneer, Ashok K Mehta, Oct 31, 2007)

A three-pronged Kashmir strategy adopted by Pakistan involving shifting the focus of engineering violence in Kashmir to other parts of India outside Jammu and Kashmir (JK), and building ‘united’ political support within JK has been unearthed . . . . (Indian Intelligence Claims Knowledge Of Pakistan’S ‘New Kashmir Strategy’, Daily Times, Iftikhar Gilani, Oct 31, 2007)

Latest intelligence assessments suggest a shift in Pakistan's strategy of exporting terror by seeking a "united political voice in Jammu and Kashmir and extend the arc of violence to the hinterland." (Isi-Backed Terror Camps Being Rationalised To Export Violence In J&k: Ib, Pioneer, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 29, 2007)

ON Oct 24, the Election Commission circulated a document entitled ‘Draft Code of Conduct for Political Parties and Contesting Candidates for General Elections, 2007’ to all political parties for comments. (Code Of Conduct For Polls, Dawn, Editorial, Dawn, Oct 29, 2007)

After the Karachi bloodbath on October 19 the global condemnation of the terrorists’ act and commiseration for Pakistan and Ms Benazir Bhutto was on the expected lines. (Cooperate To End Terrorism, Tribune, Gen V.P. Malik (retd), Oct 26, 2007)

Member countries of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation on Tuesday proposed the creation of a database among them for a coordinated action against terrorism, drug trafficking, cyber crimes and financial frauds. (S. Asian Terror Database Proposed , Dawn, Jawed Naqvi, Oct 24, 2007)

The Maldives government has moved to tackle the rising threat of Islamist radicalism as 300 troops surrounded and then cleared an illegal mosque that had been accused of fomenting extremism on the paradise islands. (Maldives Clears Radical Mosque, Telegraph, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 10, 2007)

COPENHAGEN — All eyes are on Greenland’s melting glaciers as alarm about global warming spreads. This year, delegations of US and European politicians have made pilgrimages to the fastest-moving glacier at Ilulissat, where they declare that they . . . . (Cool Off On Global Warming, Tribune, Editorial, The Tribune, Oct 09, 2007)

Centuries ago, Chinese general and military strategist Sun Tzu proclaimed, "all warfare is based on deception". To this day, China actively pursues this strategy, keeping its defence expenditure, arms imports, capabilities and strategic intentions . . . . (China Keeps Arms Spend Under Wraps, Times of India, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 03, 2007)

The Maldives is slowly, but surely, turning into a sanctuary for Islamist terrorists, thanks to the easy access to arms from Pakistan and money from Saudi Arabia. Last Saturday's bombing shows the fire. . . (Jihad Reaches Maldives, Pioneer, B Raman, Oct 03, 2007)

Maldives police arrested two local men after a nail-packed bomb exploded in a busy park and wounded 12 foreign tourists, a government spokesperson said today. (Two Held For Maldives Blast, Telegraph, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 01, 2007)

Non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries was a cardinal principle of Jawaharlal Nehru's five principles of peaceful coexistence. (Wake Up To China's Plans, Pioneer, Correspondent or Reporter, Sep 24, 2007)

There are strong fears that some small island states will soon start disappearing altogether as a result of climate change. (Vanishing Islands , Deccan Herald, A N Sudarsan Rao , Sep 20, 2007)

Non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries was a cardinal principle of Jawaharlal Nehru's five principles of peaceful coexistence. (Wake Up To China's Plans, Pioneer, G Parthasarathy, Sep 20, 2007)

Non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries was a cardinal part of Jawaharlal Nehru’s five principles of peaceful coexistence. (Military Rule In Neighbourhood, Tribune, A N Sudarsan Rao , Sep 20, 2007)

DESPITE advancements in the telecom sector, for which Pakistan even received an international award in 2006, people are still paying a lot for Internet access compared to neighbouring countries. (Reducing Internet Costs, Dawn, Editorial, Dawn, Sep 19, 2007)

The toxic terms of discourse of the nuclear debate have insidiously intruded into the public’s mind and distorted its moral perspective. (Sanctifying Mass Destruction , Frontline, Praful Bidwai, Sep 14, 2007)

A massive 7.9-magnitude earthquake struck off the west coast of Indonesias Sumatra island on Wednesday, toppling buildings and briefly triggering a tsunami alert across the Indian Ocean region. (Quake Triggers Tsunami Scare , Deccan Herald, Correspondent or Reporter, Sep 13, 2007)


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