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Thursday, November 08, 2007


Madhya Pradesh, second biggest state in the country, is bounded by, Rajasthan and Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Agriculture is the mainstay of state’s economy and 74.73% of the people are rural. As much as 49 per cent of the land area is cultivable.  The state has several high-tech industries such as electronics, telecommunications, automobiles, etc.  Optical fibers for telecommunication needs and automobile industries are major areas.  Public sector units in the state are Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. at Bhopal, Security Paper Mill at Hoshangabad, Bank Note Press at Dewas, Newsprint Factory at Nepanagar and Alkaloid Factory at Neemuch.  Govt. of India has proposed setting up of a Special Economic Zone at Indore.


The State is a leader in mineral production, traditional handicrafts, and handloom cloths.  It is rich in low-grade coal suitable for power generation and also has immense potential of hydro-energy.

Panchmarhi, the hill station, Dhuandhar Fall at Bhedaghat, Kanha National Park near Jabalpur are some of the major tourist attractions of the state.  Gwalior, Mandu, Datia, Chanderi, Jabalpur, Orchha, Raisen, Sanchi, Vidisha, Udaygiri, Bhimbetika, Indore and Bhopal are the places well-known for their historical monuments. Maheswar, Omkareshwar, Ujjain, Chitrakoot and Amarkantak are major centers of pilgrimage. Unique temples of Khajuraho are famous all over the world. The temples of a Orccha, Bhojpur and Udaypur attract large number of tourists as well as pilgrims. Archaeological treasures are preserved in the museums at Satna, Sanchi, Vidisha, Gwalior, Indore, Mandasure, Ujjain, Rajgarh, Bhopal, Jabalpur and Rewa.


The Janadesh Yatra has given the movement for land rights fresh momentum and also captured the popular imagination. (March For Land, Frontline, Jayati Ghosh, Nov 08, 2007)

WORK for every hand, bread for every stomach, land for the landless, protection for small farmers and traders, change in the present economic policies.” (Rallying Forces For Land, Frontline, Purnima S. Tripathi, Nov 07, 2007)

WITH the Indian electorate repeatedly delivering fractured mandates in a number of States, and in Parliament, the phenomenon of hung legislatures, with the resultant dilemma of who should be invited to form the government, has long demanded . . . (Governor's Choice, Frontline, V. VENKATESAN, Nov 07, 2007)

IN western India, from the 2nd century B.C. to the 2nd century A.D., there was a prolific creation of art in caves hewn out of rock. (Mind Over Matter, Frontline, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 07, 2007)

The report of the third National Family Health Survey (NFHS-3), released in the second week of October, has immense significance for policymakers in health, nutrition, education and gender issues. (Plight Of Women And Children, Frontline, T.K. RAJALAKSHMI, Nov 07, 2007)

The reaction of 10 High Courts to the Judges (Inquiry) Bill envisaging the National Judicial Council (NJC) is quite interesting. (Special Article, Statesman, DEBAKI NANDAN MANDAL, Nov 06, 2007)

The political temperature went up a few degrees in Rajasthan on Monday when a Jodhpur special court directed the police to register a case against BJP leader Jaswant Singh and nine others under the harsh Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic . . . . (File Drugs Case Against Jaswant: Court To Cops, Times of India, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 06, 2007)

The Punjab government’s decision to implement police reforms in the state is welcome. (Reforming The Police, Tribune, Editorial, The Tribune, Nov 05, 2007)

A writ petition filed in the Supreme Court by the Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly, Jamuna Devi, seeking to invoke the Court’s powers under Article 32 of the Constitution for an enquiry by an independent agency into . . . . (Petition Against Chauhan’S Wife, Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 02, 2007)

The Janata Dal (Secular) has proved to be a promiscuous political partner in Karnataka. It has remained the common factor in both governments formed in the state in the last 40 months and could well be part of the third. It has been swinging . . . . (A Thought For Gowda, Indian Express, Varghese K George, Nov 02, 2007)

The former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Uma Bharti, has advocated a “Hindutva-oriented third front” to defeat Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi of the BJP, while denying the Congress the advantage of capitalising on the “anti-Modi sentiments.” (Uma Bharti Supports Keshubhai’S Candidature , Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 02, 2007)

Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil on Tuesday called upon IPS probationers to change the public perception that police were reactive instead of pro-active. Police stations, which formed the backbone of policing, deserved greater attention, he said. (Shivraj Patil Calls For Pro-Active Approach To Policing, Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 31, 2007)

The appropriate course would be for the President to seek the advice of the SC under Article 143(1). (Supreme Court Intervention: The Way Out , Deccan Herald, A N Sudarsan Rao , Oct 31, 2007)

POLITICAL leaders have feet of clay. This has been borne out, once again, by former Karnataka Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy spiriting away Janata Dal (Secular) MLAs to a resort in the outskirts of Bangalore. (Herd Of Mlas, Tribune, Editorial, The Tribune, Oct 30, 2007)

Indians are schizophrenic about celebrities. At one level, we worship them as demi-gods, we have an insatiable appetite for information about their private lives while products endorsed by them, be it high-end white goods or . . . . . . (Smoke Sans Fire, Pioneer, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 30, 2007)

The Congress has pulled out all the stops for Gujarat Assembly elections. The party is looking at poll alliances with UPA partners, trying to rope in BJP rebels, finalising its candidates earlier than usual and fielding party president . . . . (Cong To Target Modi Detractors, Pioneer, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 29, 2007)

Janadesh-2007, the march of nearly 25,000 landless tillers, labourers, Dalits and tribals, who have been deprived of their land rights, reached the Capital on Sunday with the resolve that they would not return unless the Government accepted their . . . . (Janadesh Rally Resolves To Fight For Land Rights, Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 29, 2007)

In its attempt to end arbitrary political transfers of bureaucrats, the UPA Government has succeeded in persuading several states to agree to a minimum two-year tenure for all IAS cadre postings (Safeguards For Ias: Upa Fixes 2-Year Job Tenure, Indian Express, Ritu Sarin, Oct 27, 2007)

The Madhya Pradesh Admission and Fee Regulatory Commission for Professional Institutes on Friday recommended cancellation of admission of 150 MBBS students to a private college at Indore for flouting norms. (Cancel Admissions To Indore Medical College: Panel, Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 27, 2007)

Experts are raising doubts about achieving even the lowered target of 60,000 MW. (Power Capacity Addition A Herculean Task , Hindu, A N Sudarsan Rao , Oct 26, 2007)


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