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Thursday, November 08, 2007


Gandhi, Indira Priyadarshini (1917 - 1984) : Daughter of former Prime Minister  Jawaharlal Nehru. She Joined Congress Party in 1938. She Was the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, 1964-1966; Congress President in 1960, 1978 and 1983; and Prime Minister from January 1966 to March 1977 and January 1980 to October 1984. Recipient of 1971 Bharat Ratna, and 1984 Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understandings. Shot dead in 1984.



The Tehelka sting operation underscores the urgency of simultaneously pursuing the prosecution of the culprits and fighting Hindutva politically in a spirited way. (Unfinished Agenda, Frontline, Praful Bidwai, Nov 08, 2007)

Democracy without the liberty to choose the form of participation in public affairs - even if it be a bandh, hartal, dharmaghat or strike by the people - is meaningless. (Not What People Want, Times of India, SHIKHA MUKERJEE, Nov 07, 2007)

Muslim clerics and the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board have now a new cause to pursue - opposition to the mandatory registration of marriages as directed by the Supreme Court. (Undoing Idea Of Secular India, Pioneer, A Surya Prakash, Nov 06, 2007)

The Indian Left is much larger than its most visible face, the Communist Party of India (Marxist). It is split three ways, each currently pointing in three directions. (Left With An Alternative, Asian Age, M.J. Akbar, Nov 05, 2007)

Reminding Pakistanis of its own leaders' fight against the emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi in 1975, the BJP on Sunday criticised General Pervez Musharraf for "institutionalising personal power through totalitarianism". (Bjp: Mush Move Similar To Indira's Emergency Call, Times of India, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 05, 2007)

Virtual martial law and harmful to Pakistan, says CPI(M) “Those who imposed emergency cannot be reliable allies” Comparisons drawn with emergency in India (Developments Are Of Special Concern To India: Bjp, Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 05, 2007)

Atomic Energy Regulation Board’s former chairman A.G. Gopalakrishnan on Sunday opposed the Indo-US nuclear deal, as it was not in the country’s interest. (Aerb Ex-Chief Opposes N-Deal , Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 05, 2007)

Keshubhai Patel sits at the BJP office in this north Gujarat town, listing the chief minister’s “achievements”. (Hundred Per Cent Electricity Vs ‘Hitler’ , Telegraph, Radhika Ramaseshan, Nov 05, 2007)

India had reasons to mince its words on General Pervez Musharraf’s second coup that suspended Pakistan’s constitution, emasculated the higher judiciary that was beginning to show signs of independence, and pulled the plug on the vibrant . . . . . . (Musharraf Maelstrom And India, Indian Express, C. Raja Mohan, Nov 05, 2007)

The BJP on Sunday said that developments in Pakistan were akin to what India faced during the Internal Emergency imposed by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1975. (Situation In Pak Akin To What India Faced In '75: Bjp, Pioneer, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 05, 2007)

The sight of Ms Benazir Bhutto offering namaz before the tomb of Mohammed Ali Jinnah was one to treasure. (Bazaar Parody Of Mussolini, Pioneer, Premen Addy , Nov 03, 2007)

The suggested parliamentary debate on the 123 agreement will be among the most important discussions held in Parliament in Independent India. It will be a test for all political parties in terms of their approach to India’s national interest. (Coming Up: Floor Test, Indian Express, K. Subrahmanyam, Nov 03, 2007)

Former Army Chief Gen JJ Singh's suggestion that the records of 1962, 1965 and 1971 wars be made public is pertinent. (Something Amiss In The 1971 Story, Pioneer, Editorial, The Pioneer, Nov 02, 2007)

Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda on Thursday announced a bonanza for the people on the occasion of Haryana Day and the ongoing festive season. (Hooda Announces Tax Waiver Scheme, Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 02, 2007)

The metamorphosis of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), hitherto dubbed as the ‘anti- upper caste’ party, is complete. (Mayawati Aims For Delhi, Tribune, Editorial, The Tribune, Nov 02, 2007)

The high priest of the international strategic community, Henry Kissinger, believes that the growing intimacy between India and the US has nothing to do with China but is founded on the common belief that jihadist Islam must be contained. (Us, Left Govt Can Do Business: Kissinger, Telegraph, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 02, 2007)

One cannot help imagining a more weird scenario. Following Sonia Gandhi’s visit to China, Comrade Karat seems to have started to soften his position and his vitriolic attack against the prime minister of India and other friends! It . . . . . (What Did The Trick? , Telegraph, Malvika Singh, Nov 02, 2007)

In the first 25 years after independence, there was no political dynasty. Yes, there was Panditji and he loomed large over the political scene. Yet he had some formidable opponents who had been his comrades in the struggle for independence . . . . (It's A Family Affair, Times of India, Editorial, The Times of India, Oct 31, 2007)

It seems to be the beginning of a new phase of social churning in Bihar with UP Chief Minister Mayawati as its idol. (Nitish-Lalu For Rainbow Combination In Bihar , Tribune, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 31, 2007)

In the end, the nuclear deal asks India an existential question -- does it want to be the US or the EU? Does it want to be a power player or does it only want to pretend? (Two Options, One Future, Pioneer, ASHOK MALIK, Oct 30, 2007)


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