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Thursday, November 08, 2007


The Defense & Security Issues faced by India are multi-pronged. With terrorism being generated in and exported from the neighboring countries like Pakistan & Bangladesh, India has maintained a proactive position to curb this scourge. Being positioned in between Afghanistan and Myanmar (world's largest manufacturers of opium), drug trafficking and the related security implications on India's social fabric are quite real.  Additionally, there is the Kashmir issue with Pakistan, which promotes terrorist activities in the Indian State and other parts of the country.  Pakistan's intelligence organizations are also involved in training Maoists of Nepal and Islamic extremists of Bangladesh.  These armed groups enter India through the porous borders and mingle with the local Naxalites. The Water and River management with neighboring Nepal, Pakistan, China and Myanmar, also pose issues of security concerns.

India also has border disputes with China, though both the countries have resolved to move ahead in solving the same. Recently, the admission of Pakistan's top scientist, regarding the proliferation of nuclear technology, has caused much stirs in New Delhi's security plans, for the fear that Weapons of Mass Destruction could easily fall into the hands of terrorists.

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Events in Pakistan have overshadowed recent developments in Sri Lanka and its impact in Tamil Nadu. (The Other Crisis, Times of India, Editorial, The Times of India, Nov 08, 2007)

The Congress today targeted Shibu Soren for the rift within the UPA, accusing the JMM chief of “too much interference” in the government’s functioning. (Cong Puts Rift Blame On ‘Meddling’ Soren, Telegraph, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 08, 2007)

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto threatened today to lead a mass protest heading to the capital unless President Pervez Musharraf quits as army chief, holds elections and restores the constitution. (Benazir Ultimatum To Pervez, Telegraph, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 08, 2007)

Although Bollywood is much maligned for churning out mindless blockbusters, at times, it also obliquely depicts the ground realities. (Nation In Distress , Telegraph, Abhijit Bhattacharyya , Nov 08, 2007)

US President George W Bush bluntly asked Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf to hold elections in January as planned and quit as army chief as patience in Washington wore thin. (Bush To Mush: Hold Elections Soon, Times of India, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 08, 2007)

IT was an amazing pointer by the former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, Dr P.K. Iyenger. (Nuclear Ignorance, Tribune, O.P. Sabherwal, Nov 08, 2007)

At least 30 rebels and six government soldiers were killed in heavy fighting between government troops and Tamil rebels on Wednesday in northern Sri Lanka, said military officials. (Heavy Fighting In Sri Lanka, 36 Killed , Deccan Herald, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 08, 2007)

The last, wan defence but one is that Pakistan is too vast for any minority to rule effectively (Proud But A Failing State , Deccan Herald, Peter Preston, Nov 08, 2007)

Nandigram is still burning but a consensus is eluding not only the Left Front but also the CPM on how to bring peace back. (Bullets In Turf War, Potshots In Party, Telegraph, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 08, 2007)

Lately, saving Africa has become very fashionable. Hollywood celebrities are adopting African babies. (Time For The British To Pay Up In Kenya, Tribune, A N Sudarsan Rao , Nov 08, 2007)

Islamic militants have seized more than two-thirds of a key tourist valley in northwest Pakistan, despite a state of emergency imposed to tackle extremism, the police and residents said today. (Militants Seize Over Two-Thirds Of Swat Valley , Tribune, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 08, 2007)

Russia’s parliament voted unanimously today to suspend a key arms treaty limiting conventional forces in Europe, saying the USA and NATO were using the pact to undermine Russia's defences. (Russian Duma Votes To Suspend Arms Treaty , Tribune, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 08, 2007)

A deputy superintendent of police and a militant were killed during an early morning shootout between security forces and suspected HNLC militants in Meghalaya's Ri Bhoi district on Wednesday. (Meghalaya Cop Killed In Gunfight With Militants , Singapore Times, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 08, 2007)

The former Pakistan Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, Wednesday urged the people to hold mass protests against the Emergency declared by President Pervez Musharraf, setting up a showdown with the military ruler. (Benazir Calls For Mass Protests, Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 08, 2007)

On one of the worst days of fighting in the north, in which according to the military at least 63 persons were killed, Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa unveiled a hike in defence outlay on the plea that it was essential to completely “wipe . . . . (63 Dead In Sri Lanka Fighting, Hindu, B. MURALIDHAR REDDY, Nov 08, 2007)

Pakistan on Wednesday denied that it had withdrawn thousands of troops from its border with India to deploy them against militants in the restive tribal areas. (No Pak Pullback From Loc, Asian Age, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 08, 2007)

Pakistan has pulled tens of thousands of troops from its border with India in a bid to quell rising violence by pro-Taliban militants in the northwest, officials said here Wednesday. (Pakistan Pulls Troops From Indian Border, Frontier Post, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 08, 2007)

The scare tactics used by the U.K.’s MI5 chief this week may win a few headlines to help the state, but do grave long-term damage. (Fear Speeches Are Utterly Self-Defeating, Hindu, Simon Jenkins, Nov 08, 2007)

U.S. ‘concern’ over China’s anti-satellite test has now come to colour their defence-related engagement. (A Hotline To Prevent A Cold War, Hindu, P. S. SURYANARAYANA, Nov 08, 2007)

It may be that India remains the only stable democracy in this part of the world, but we are obliged to remember that our democratic habits and manners are under daily assault from different sources. (A Few Simple Lessons From Pakistan Statecraft, Hindu, Harish Khare , Nov 08, 2007)


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