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Thursday, November 08, 2007


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Christians comprise about 2.5% of India's population.  They are largely concentrated in Goa, Maharashtra, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala, the last three States accounting for over 60 percent of the total Christian population in the country.

The essence of traditional Christian theology is that Jesus was the son of God who came it save the world, was crucified, resurrected and will come again to judge mankind.  The core of the Christian ethic is the commandment: 'Thou shall love thy Lord thy God with all thy heart and thy neighbor as thyself.'  The belief is that God has three natures - The Father, The Son (Jesus) and The Spirit.

The various Church groups in India include Catholic Church, Syrian Church, Church of North India, Church of South India, Armenian Church, & Anglican Church.  There is also an Anglo-Indian community in India.



Half a century ago D. D. Kosambi — whose birth centenary merits celebration at the national level — characterised the great uprising as ‘feudal’ and yet the final verdict on its significance was positive and it was perceived as a glorious struggle. (1857: What Does It Mean To Us?, Hindu, Sabyasachi Bhattacharya, Nov 08, 2007)

Batman was in the spotlight again in Hong Kong as the movie's producers came under fire for asking tenants along a waterfront to keep their lights on all night for a week to better show off the city's glass and steel skyline. (Heat Over Batman, Pioneer, Editorial, Statesman, Nov 08, 2007)

A second act is rare in world politics. History can point to a handful of leaders who managed to reacquire political power after losing it (Napoleon, Churchill, Deng Xiaoping, Alan Garcia). (The League Of Hipster Statesmen, Indian Express, Editorial, Indian Express, Nov 08, 2007)

A crooked German church steeple has knocked the leaning tower of Pisa from the Guinness World Records as the world’s most leaning building. (Steeple Leans More Than Pisa, Telegraph, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 07, 2007)

Tamil Nadu enacts a law granting separate reservation for Muslims and Christians in the Backward Classes quota. (Reservation For Minorities, Frontline, S. Viswanathan, Nov 07, 2007)

Jindal is the first Indian American to win a gubernatorial election in the U.S., but there are concerns about his silence on racism. (The Real Bobby Jindal, Frontline, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 07, 2007)

PRESIDENT Vladimir Putin, when he travelled to Teheran last month, became the first Russian leader after Josef Stalin to visit Iran. (Friend In Need, Frontline, Vladimir Radyuhin , Nov 07, 2007)

There are as yet no signs of General Pervez Musharraf preparing to return to civilian rule. Actually, there is considerable confusion about the future scenario. (Secure That Button And Fast!, Business Line, B. S. Raghavan , Nov 07, 2007)

At the Billund, Denmark, headquarters of Lego, the theme is the famed, distinctive brick with round studs. Not only can you see them in every shape, including even dust-bins, but also find the usual, handy ones every where, to build your ideas or . . . . (Lego: Playing By Its Own Rules, Business Line, J. Srinivasan, Nov 07, 2007)

New York’s former Mayor is living up to his reputation as someone who will do and say anything for power. (Rudy Giuliani Is George Bush With Brains, Hindu, A N Sudarsan Rao , Nov 06, 2007)

ROBERT CALDWELL — A Scholar-Missionary in Colonial South India: V. Vincent Kumaradoss; Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (ISPCK), P.B. No. 1585, 1654, Kashmere Gate, Delhi-110006. Rs.180. (Pioneering Champion Of The Downtrodden, Hindu, A N Sudarsan Rao , Nov 06, 2007)

Strong and sustained international pressure will be needed to defuse the present crisis. An unstable, volatile, radicalised, and nuclear-armed Pakistan is in no one’s interest. (Pakistan: Having A Tiger By The Tail, Hindu, Ramesh Thakur, Nov 06, 2007)

He has locked horns with Gotham City’s darkest criminals, but now Batman has crumbled in the face of an even deadlier foe: the polluted water of Hong Kong. (Polluted Sea Scares Batman Away, Hindu, Editorial, The Hindu, Nov 06, 2007)

Muslim clerics and the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board have now a new cause to pursue - opposition to the mandatory registration of marriages as directed by the Supreme Court. (Undoing Idea Of Secular India, Pioneer, A Surya Prakash, Nov 06, 2007)

Indian corporate hospitals have the answer to the government’s protracted quest for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. Apollo chairman and founder Prathap C Reddy said, “Foreigners who have been treated in our hospitals are overwhelmed by the qu (Healthy Advice , The Economic Times, Editorial, Economic Times, Nov 06, 2007)

They dug up yet another mass grave in Spain this week, this time near the village of Arandiga, 45 miles from Zaragoza. (After Franco, The (Non)-Forgetting, Hindu, Giles Tremlett, Nov 05, 2007)

Recentlu, William Dalrymple wrote a critique of Bernard Lewis’s book From Babel to Dragomans: Interpreting the Middle East, a collection of 51 essays that he wrote over the years. Many were criticised for their historical inaccuracies. (Give Reason A Chance, Dawn, A.B. Shahid, Nov 05, 2007)

In many ways Indian journalism is at crossroads. Media houses are facing ever-increasing competition. Market forces and globalisation have brought about changes, which were unthinkable even 10 years ago. (India, In Print, New Indian Express, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 05, 2007)

The counting for October 31 Mormugao constituency Lok Sabha bypoll began here on Saturday at 0800 hours. (Counting For Mormugao Ls Bypoll Begins, The Economic Times, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 03, 2007)

NINETY years ago this month, a British diplomat wrote a letter that has since then been the single biggest cause of political instability, massacres and wars in the Middle East. (Ninety Years After Balfour, Dawn, Muhammad Ali Siddiqi, Nov 03, 2007)


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