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Thursday, November 08, 2007


Child labor is a complex problem that is basically rooted in poverty. Children under fourteen constitute around 3.6% of the total labor force in India.  Of these children, nine out of every ten work in their own rural family settings.  Nearly 85% are engaged in traditional agricultural activities.  Less than 9% work in manufacturing, services and repairs.  Only about 0.8% work in factories. 

The Child Labor (Prohibition & Regulation) Act, 1986 of India prohibits the employment of children below the age of 14 in factories, mines and in other forms of hazardous employment, and regulates the working conditions of children in other employment.


According to the Indian census of 1991, there are 11.28 million working children under the age of fourteen years in India. India has always stood for constitutional, statutory and development measures required to eliminate child labor. The Indian Constitution has consciously incorporated provisions to secure compulsory universal elementary education as well as labor protection for children. Labor Commissions in India have gone into the problems of child labor and have made extensive recommendations. The great challenge of India, as a developing country, is to provide nutrition, education and health care to these children. 

The announcement by the Prime Minister on India's Independence Day in 1994 that child labor would be abolished in hazardous occupations by the year 2000. With the setting up of the National Authority for the Elimination of Child Labor (NAECL) under the Chairmanship of the Labor Minister, Government of India, a convergence of services and schemes for eliminating child labor is being achieved.


That children of uneducated parents are likely to remain illiterate is a self-evident truth. (Missing Link, Telegraph, Editorial, The Telegraph, Nov 08, 2007)

The joy in the face of children was the hallmark of festivities surrounding Diwali in the past. (Those Diwalis , Deccan Herald, VASUDHA MURTHY, Nov 08, 2007)

While one may find the richest man in India, disparities in the country are so wide that it isnt difficult to find the poorest man either. (India In The Billionaire Club: An Increasing Divide , Deccan Herald, Editorial, The Deccan Herald, Nov 08, 2007)

It appears it is the Americans who most fear that the proposed civil nuclear cooperation deal will collapse, if you look at their recent actions. (Us Needs Deal More Than Us, Pioneer, Rajeev Srinivasan, Nov 07, 2007)

Children of uneducated parents are more likely to remain illiterate and become a part of India’s child labour force if their parents had to work as children, new research by the country’s social scientists has shown. (New Family Heirloom: Illiteracy, Telegraph, CHARU SUDAN KASTURI, Nov 07, 2007)

There are as yet no signs of General Pervez Musharraf preparing to return to civilian rule. Actually, there is considerable confusion about the future scenario. (Secure That Button And Fast!, Business Line, B. S. Raghavan , Nov 07, 2007)

In all the blinding electrical lights and Diwali discount sales, the spirit of the festival is missing. (The Natural Light , Deccan Herald, Kanchi Kohli , Nov 07, 2007)

Diwali is here again. Easily among the most popular festivals in the country, Diwali is celebrated by most Indians regardless of faith with people decorating their homes with lamps, exchanging sweets and gifts, and burning firecrackers. (Festival Of Lights , Deccan Herald, Editorial, The Deccan Herald, Nov 06, 2007)

Mohammed Tauheer, a poor office helper, fought back tears as he was shown the door at a police station where his sons were being questioned after a rescue operation for child workers. (Police Action Exposes Child Workers’ Plight , Dawn, Parul Gupta, Nov 06, 2007)

Most child workers come from the poor states, where many are bought from parents for as little as 1,000 rupees with the frequently false promise of monthly salary (Crackdown Highlights India’S Cycle Of Child Labour, Daily Times, Parul Gupta, Nov 06, 2007)

Almost a decade ago, International Labour Organisation (ILO) adopted the 'Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work'. (No One To Fight For Indian Workers In Gulf, Times of India, Dhananjay Mahapatra, Nov 05, 2007)

THE rupee hit a nine-year high when it touched 39.22 against the dollar on Thursday following a rate cut by the US Federal Reserve. (Rising Rupee Hits Exporters, Tribune, Editorial, The Tribune, Nov 05, 2007)

About 70 child workers in India have been discovered working in a Delhi textile factory, officials say. (India Child Garment Workers Found , British Broadcasting Corporation, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 03, 2007)

Action likely against manufacturers violating child labour norms Western clothing retailers are worried about their customers imposing voluntary boycott Other Asian supply chains in Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Philippines are also under the scanner (Western Textile Importers Plan Boycott, Hindu, BATUK GATHANI, Nov 02, 2007)

He came into the movie industry to make music, but ended up making films that have become a talking point in and outside India. In less than three years Vishal Bhardwaj has created an impressive oeuvre of directorial ventures. (Q&a: 'It's Important To Make Films For Children', Times of India, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 02, 2007)

The event started off with a flag march featuring students from eight schools, following which a helicopter did aerial rounds showering flowers on students. (Karnataka's Grand Entry Into 52nd Yr , Deccan Herald, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 02, 2007)

Fashion chain Gap has withdrawn from sale children's clothing allegedly made using forced child labour in India. (Gap Pulls 'Child Labour' Clothing , British Broadcasting Corporation, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 30, 2007)

An Observer investigation into children making clothes has shocked the retail giant and may cause it to withdraw apparel ordered . . . . (Child Sweatshop Shame Threatens Gap's Ethical Image, Guardian (UK), Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 30, 2007)

With Gap Inc. under fire for selling clothes made by children in India, activists and police raided a sweatshop in New Delhi where 14 boys were embroidering women's garments Monday, illustrating the widespread problem of child labor in the South . . . (Indian Police Find 14 Children Working In Sweatshop, International Herald Tribune, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 30, 2007)

Child workers, some as young as 10, have been found working in a textile factory in conditions close to slavery to produce clothes that appear destined for Gap Kids, one of the most successful arms of the high street giant. (Indian 'Slave' Children Found Making Gap Clothes , Guardian (UK), Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 30, 2007)


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