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Thursday, November 08, 2007


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India has made substantial progress in most spheres of development over the last fifty five years particularly last two decades.  During the last two decades, the Indian economy has been growing at about 6 percent per annum, making it one of best performing economy in the world.  Social indicators have also improved over the period.  Literacy and enrolments have risen while morbidity and mortality have declined.  The gender gap has also declined and poverty rates have fallen steadily.  However, it still has a large number of poor.  The growth rate of population declined from 2.25 percent per annum in the 1970s to 1.69 percent in the late 1990s. 

Currently, India is the largest contributor (21 percent) to world population growth, adding about 17 million people every year to an already huge population of over one billion.  Although more than two-thirds of India's population still live in the rural areas, it has experienced rapid urbanization over the last two decades.  India has attained food sufficiency in spite of its growing population.  It has also created a large base of skilled scientific and technical human resources with a diversified industrial base. 



State Government has re-launched Namakku Naame Thittam in all the rural and urban areas this year. (Govt. Re-Launches Namakku Naame Scheme In Krishnagiri District , Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 08, 2007)

THE selection for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize has indeed come as a surprise. The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC), a United Nations body, and Albert Arnold (Al) Gore Jr., the former Vice-President of the United States . . . . (Climate Of Peace, Frontline, R. Ramachandran, Nov 08, 2007)

If India wants to see real gains from the recent visit of the Prime Minister to Nigeria in terms of energy security, it has to be more pro-active in its approach, backed by hard bargaining, and offer something more than a mere $900-million aid package. (Indo-Nigerian Ties: Strategic For Energy Security, Business Line, A N Sudarsan Rao , Nov 08, 2007)

The UN's Global Environment Outlook-4 (Geo-4) warns that consumption levels are fast depleting the world's resources, outpacing regeneration. (Abominable Footprints, Times of India, Editorial, The Times of India, Nov 06, 2007)

Indian corporate hospitals have the answer to the government’s protracted quest for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. Apollo chairman and founder Prathap C Reddy said, “Foreigners who have been treated in our hospitals are overwhelmed by the qu (Healthy Advice , The Economic Times, Editorial, Economic Times, Nov 06, 2007)

Those living in the developing world regularly face the wrath of nature increasing flood or drought, sea level rise and a deathly level of air pollution. (Shrinking World: Exploitation Of Natural Resources , Deccan Herald, KALYAN RAY, Nov 05, 2007)

Backing the India-U.S. nuclear deal, the visiting French Minister for Higher Education and Research, Valerie Pecresse, on Saturday said his country could begin civil atomic cooperation only after India’s agreement with the International . . . . (France Backs India-U.S. N-Deal , Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Nov 05, 2007)

The Peace Nobel for Mr Al Gore, former US Vice-President, and Dr Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), brings together the narrator of an “inconvenient truth” and a “climate warrior” on an important platform. (Warming Up To Climate Change, Business Line, Editorial, Business Line, Nov 03, 2007)

Vice-President Hamid Ansari on Thursday said that the country needed a database of human development indicators for different income groups. (Ansari Calls For Different Human Development Indicators, Hindu, P. Sunderarajan , Nov 02, 2007)

There was a time when Marxism promised to provide a major plank for an ideological and political assault on the bourgeois civilisation. (Evolution & Impasse ~Ii , Statesman, Editorial, Statesman, Oct 29, 2007)

In a sharp criticism of the US$ 4.2 billion United Nations budget presented by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for 2008-09, India has slammed its emphasis only on peace, security and human rights rather than on resolving the basic causes. . . (Un Budget Is Technically Inadequate: India, Rediff on the Net, DHARAM SHOURIE, Oct 27, 2007)

How do you save the Amazon rainforest? Easy. All you need is a bit of cash and a computer. (Amazon Sold Online — To Protect It, Hindu, Editorial, The Hindu, Oct 25, 2007)

China’s ruling Communist Party today unveiled a new leadership line-up led by President Hu Jintao, who won a second five-year term as the party boss to forge ahead with reform and opening up, but apparently without letting him handpick a . . . . (Hu Jintao Remains Boss , Tribune, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 23, 2007)

The 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Sunday adopted a resolution to amend the CPC Constitution, enshrining “scientific outlook on development” and other strategic thoughts as enunciated by Party leaders since 2002. (Cpc Constitution Adopts Scientific Development, Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 22, 2007)

Chinese vice-president Mr Zeng Qinghong was eased out from the ruling Communist Party’s powerful Central Committee today, bolstering President and party boss Mr Hu Jintao’s control over the party on the eve of crucial election to select . . . . (No Place For Vp In New Cpc Line-Up, Statesman, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 22, 2007)

It might have been the 150-year dream of the people of Tamil Nadu to take up the Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project to cut short the distance navigated by ships sailing from the west coast of the country for ports on the eastern . . . . . . (Special Article, Statesman, Sam Rajappa, Oct 18, 2007)

The leaders of emerging powerhouses India, South Africa and Brazil pledged to work together on Wednesday to ensure a better deal for developing nations as they seek a common voice on the world stage. (India, S. Africa, Brazil Vow Joint Fight For Poor , Dawn, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 18, 2007)

In the light of the recent happenings in mineral-rich States of Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh , the transformation of mineral deposits into sustainable development gains would be a daunting task if the interests of all the stakehol . . . . . (Extracting Gains From Mining, Business Line, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 17, 2007)

For this, cooperation will also have to go beyond tangibles to cover sustainable development (Pm Moots Strategic Ties With Nigeria, Hindu, SANDEEP DIKSHIT, Oct 16, 2007)

"You look at that river gently flowing by. You notice the leaves rustling in the wind. You hear the birds, you hear the tree frogs. In the distance you hear a cow. You feel the grass. (A Great Communicator, Times of India, Editorial, The Times of India, Oct 16, 2007)


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