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       The present volume contains 465 inscriptions in all, reported in the different years of the Annual Report on Indian Epigraphy. Of these, except a few records, majority of the records are in Kannada language and script. This volume was initially taken up for editing by late Sri H.K. Narasimhaswamy and the late Dr. B.R. Gopal. By the time the manuscript of this volume was sent to the press they were not alive. Since the manuscript of the volume could not be completed by then, the same was taken up for editing by me and Sri Madhav N. Katti. It was, therefore, decided to get this volume press ready and printed through Tamil Nadu Government Central Press at Chennai.

       Sri Kailasanathan, Managing Director, M/S Microsence Computers Pvt. Ltd, has prepared a software for the Kannada script used in this volume. Our sincere thanks are due to him.

       The Works Manager, Deputy Works Manager, Asst. Works Manager and other Officers of Tamil Nadu Government Central Press came forward to undertake this volume for printing. The computer operators Sri K. Delli Raju, Sri G. Ramamurthy, Sri K. Subramani and Sri T.S. Baranikumar who are experts in several languages and scripts have done a commendable job in composing this volume. Our sincere thanks are due to these officers.


       Sri. M. Jayarama Sharma, Superintending Epigraphist had spared no pains to see that this volume comes out of the press. We are thankful to him for his valuable help.

       Dr. C.A. Padmanabha Sastri and Sri. D.M. Nagaraju, Deputy Superintending Epigraphists have gone through the proof pages and helped us in several ways. Our sincere thanks are due to these officials for their effort and interest in the printing of this volume.

       We are deeply beholden to Smt. Komal Anand, L.A.S, Director General, Sri. S.B. Mathur, I.A.S., Additional Director General, Sri. Umesh Kumar. Director (Administration and publication) for their kind encouragement in the preparation of this volume.

DR. M.D. Sampath                                           Sri Madhav N. Katti
Director (Epigraphy)                                       Retd. Director (Epigraphy)
Mysore-570 005.
Date. 25th June 2001