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No. 551.

(A. R. No. 191  of  1905.)

On the east wall of the mandapa close to the

blocked up doorway in the same temple. S.  1268  (Vyaya)

Refers to Vemaya-Reddi and Anavotaya-Reddi.

No. 552.

(A. R. No. 250  of  1905.)

On a pillar at the entrance into the dark room. S. 1269 (Sarvajit)

States that Iruvaprali Pdalu Immadi made a gift of one hundred cows and one bullock to god Tripurantakadeva and fifty cows and a bullock to goddess Tripuraparamesvari for supplying ghee for perpetual lamps, for the merit of Annama-Reddingaru.

No. 553.

(A. R. No. 184  of  1905.)

On the south wall of the mandapa in front

of the central shrine in the same temple. S. 1275.

States that Maraya-Nayaka  made a gift of the village of Namilikallu in Dannalakota (Dharanikota)-sthalamu to Tripurantaka-Mahadeva for the merit of Kami-Nayaka.

No. 554.

(A. R. No. 44  of  1912.)

On a pillar in the compound of the temple of

Lakshminarasimhasvami on the hill at Korkonda,

Rajahmundry  Taluk, East Godavari District. S.  1275 (Vijaya)

States that Bhattari, the Vaishnava guru of Mummadi-Nayaka of Korukonda left his mortal body and reappeared as god Narasimha on the top of the Parasara hill, that a woman named Lakshmidasi of that town saw this in a dream and revealed it to Mummadi-Nayaka, that, with the permission of the Nayaka, she went about begging for money and with the money so obtained, she formally consecrated the image of the god on the hill and that king Mummadi-Nayaka made a gift of two villages and some lands and gardens to the said temple.  The inscription gives a genealogy of Mummadi-Nayaka and says that he ruled over the country on both sides of the Godavari consisting of Panara, Kona, Kuravataka, Chengara etc.  Districts.

No. 555.

(A. R. No. 185  of  1905.)

On the  south wall of the mandapa in front of the central shrine in the temple of

Tripurantakesvara, Tripuntakam,  Markapur Taluk, Kurnool District. S.  1278 (Durmukhi)

States that Adapa Vemana, with the permission of Anavotaya Reddi, made gifts of gold, rice, ghee etc., to the temple of Tripurantaka Gauriparamesvari and Vighesvara and also 25 cows for the upkeep of a perpetual lamp.

No. 556.

(A. R. No. 602  of  1909.)

On a pillar in the mandapa of the temple of Virabhadra,

Motupalli, Bapatla Taluk, Guntur  District. S. 1280  (Vilambi)

States that Anavota’s minister Somaya issued a proclamation giving certain assurances to traders resorting to the port of Motupalli for trade purposes, remitting the customs duties (?) known as aputrikam and kaddayamu, the duties on gold, one-third of the duty on gandhamu valubadi and agreeing to charge duty on other articles at the old rates.

No. 557.

(A. R. No. 368  of  1926.)

On a slab planted before the temple of Venugopalasvami,

 Tangeda, Palnad Taluk, same District. S. 1295 (Paridhavi)

States that Avubhalanathuni Devu-Lenka, during the reign of  Anavema-Reddi, put up a stone tirumuttamu to the temple of Gopinathadeva and consecrated the images of the twelve Alvars  and also granted lands to the said temple.  It also mentions gifts of land made by other persons to the same temple.

No. 558.

(A. R. No. 572  of  1925.)

On a black granite pillar set up near the dhvajastambha in the

 temple of Ramalingesvara, Velpuru, Sattenepalli Taluk, same District. S. 1295.

States that Vemambika wife of Nalla-Nunka had the temple of Ramanatha plastered with chunam and also put up a gold kalasa on the top ;of the temple, besides making other gifts on the occasion.  The donor’s genealogy is as follows – Dodda Bhupa, Chittaya, Nunkama-Reddi and Nalla-Nunka.

No. 559.

(A. R. No. 20  of  1915.)

On the right and left pillars of the mandapa adjoining the nandi-mandapa in the

temple of Mallikarjuna, srisailam, Nandikotkur Taluk, Kurnool District S.  1299 (Pingala)

States that king Anavema-Reddi constructed a viramantapam in the temple of Mallikarjuna on the Srisaila hill.  The Sanskrit portion of this long inscription is composed by balasarasvati, the Vidvan attached to the court of Annavema : and Mallayya  son of Panchabhiksha Ramanatha was the promotor (karayita) of this dharma.  The inscription gives the full genealogy of the Reddis up to Annavema and also a complete list of their  birudas.  It is stated in this inscription that the Reddis  belong to Vellacheri-gotra.

No. 560.

(A. R. No. 46  of  1909.)

On the verandah of the kitchen in the rock-out  temple of

Anantasayana, Undavalli, Guntur Taluk, Guntur District. S.  12 .

States that Machama-Reddi, son of Anna-Reddi endowed certain lands (?) for the performance of various kinds of worship in the temple of Anantasayin at Undavelli.

No. 561.

(A. R. No. 205  of  1905.)

On the south wall of the dark room (called Chikati-middi) in the temple of

Tripurantakesvara, Tripurantakam, Markapur Taluk, Kurnool District. Year missing

Incomplete.  Gives the genealogy of the Reddis down to Macha, Vema, Dodda, Anna and Malla, son of Komati Prola, the founder of the family, by Anyamamba, daughter of Dodda.

No. 562.

(A. R. No. 754  of  1920.)

On a pillar in the temple of Bhimesvarasvami,

Mogallu, Bhimavaram Taluk, West Godavari District. Undated.

States that Anavemaya-Reddi made a gift of eighteen puttis of land consisting of fields and gardens to Pramathakavi Sirigiri Devayya in Mongolanu.

No. 563.

(A. R. No. 395  of  1926.)

On a slab planted in front of the ruined  temple of Vasantaraya on

 the  hill, Kottur Bezwada Taluk, Krishna District. S.  1312.  (Pramadi)

States that Kumaragiri-Reddi granted certain lands and also a certain quantity of grain in several villages to the temple of  Vasantaraya Narasimha.

No. 564.

(A. R. No. 242  of  1924.)

On two faces of a pillar lying in a mosque in Gundur,

 Bandar Taluk, Krishna District. S. 1312.  (Pramoda)

Damaged.  Seems to state that some one had regranted certain lands to the temple of Jaladhisvara at Ghantasala.

No. 565.

(A. R. No. 380  of  1926.)

On a  slab planted in the reserve forest about a mile to

the west of Tangeda, Palnad Taluk, Guntur District. S. 1313. (Prajapati)

States that Chokkana Singana, governor of Tangeda under Komaragiri-Reddi, son of Anavotaya-Reddi, established the temples of Narasimha, Goddess Lakshmi, the Alvars  and other dependent gods on the Anantagiri hill at Tangeda and endowed the temples with certain lands and also the proceeds of certain customs duties, details of which are given.

No. 566.

(A. R. No. 367  of  1926.)

On a white slab  planted before the Garuda-stambha in the

 temple of Venugopalasvami in the same village. S. 1316. (Bhaya)

States that some one whose name is lost granted land to god Gopinathadeva of Pangeda for the merit of Momaragiri-Reddi.

No. 567.

(A. R. No. 370  of  1926.)

On a slab planted near the compound of the same temple. S.  13 . .

Damaged.  States that, while Komaragiri-Reddi was King and Chokkana Singana was governor of Tangeda, the said Singana and certain persons referred to as  chalumula-vubhaya-nanadesala pekkandru made gifts of land and customs duties to god Gopinatha

No. 568.

(A. R. No. 695  of  1926.)

On a pillar in the temple of Bhava-Narayanasvami,

Sarpavaram, Cocanda Taluk, East Godavari District. S.  1319. (Isvara)

States that a certain Mummana made a gift of a putti of land for a garden and also a house-site and 20 pagodas to god  Bhavanarayana

No. 569.

(A. R. No. 580  of  1909.)

On a pillar in the mandapa in front of the temple of

Chennakesavasvami at Macherla, Palnad Taluk, Guntur District. S. 1319. (Isvara)

States that a certain Peruri Muktiraju got certain repairs done to the central shrine of Chenna-Kesava at Mahadevicherla.

No. 570.

(A. R. No. 406  of  1915.)

On a  Garuda-Pillar set up in the main street of

Purushottapattanam, Narasaraopeta Taluk, same District. S. 1321. (Pramadi)

Records the planting of the garuda-kambham (in front) of the temple of Lakshmi-Narasimhadeva.

No. 571.

(A. R. No. 90  of  1917.)

On a  Garuda-pillar set up in front of the temple of

Lakshminrisimha, Kurnutala, Guntur Taluk, same District. S. 1326.

States that king Peda-Komati-Vema granted the village of Kurnuntuluru to god Dasarathi of Eravirapuri on the occasion of a lunar eclipse.

No. 572.

(A. R. No. 539  and  540  of  1909.)

On a pillar in the ruined mandapa called Varahalakottu,

Kondavidu, Narasaraopeta Taluk, same District. S. 1327. (Parthiva)

Portions are incomplete.  These little inscriptions state that certain stone pillars (stambhas) were put up by certain persons.  They contain no historical information.

Note : - This is a batch of 15 small inscriptions.  In the Annual Report on Epigraphy, Madras, these are treated as constituting three inscriptions but really each one of them is a separate inscription.  Nine of them are illegible owing to the roughness of the surface of the stone.  I teat the rest as parts of one land the same inscription and transcribe them below.

No. 573.

(A. R. No. 402  of  1915.)

On a pillar set up in front of the shrine of Anjaneya,

Appapuram, same Taluk and District. S. 1327 (Parthiva)

States that Kavuri Vallabhisetti got excavated a tank called Govardhanasamudramu, consecrated the image of Kesava-Perumallu on the bund of that tank and endowed that temple with four and half puttis of land with the permission of king Peda-komati-Vema.

No. 574.

(A. R. No. 433  of  1911.)

On a slab set up in the courtyard of the temple of Kailasanatha,

Tanguturu, Rajampet Taluk, Cuddapah District. S. 132[8].  (Vyaya)

Incomplete.  Mentions Anna-Reddi, son of Malla-Reddi and brother of  Vema-Reddi.

No. 575.

(A. R. No. 422  of  1911.)

On a slab set up near the entrance into the temple of

Chennakesava, Lebaka, same Taluk and District. S. 13[30] (?) (Sarvajit)

Damaged.  Refers to some charity made by one Malla-Reddi to the temple of Karavesvaradeva.

No. 576.

(A. R. No. 599  of  1925.)

On a stone llying near the hillock called Bhairavabodu,

 Velpuru, Sattenepalli Taluk, Guntur District. S. 1332. (?) Vikriti.

States that Madasi Singamu, the Padalu of Velpuru, made a gift of a pandumu of land in Velpuru to god Kalabhairava, for the merit of Vema-Reddi, son of Machema-Reddi.

No. 577.

(A. R. No. 84  of  1915.)

On a slab set up on the way to the Pamuleti Narasimba

temple, Upper Ahobalam, Sirvel Taluk, Kurnool District. S. 1332. (Vikriti).

States that Katama-Reddi Vema-Reddi made a gift of several villages to temples and Brahmins renaming those villages Komaragiripuram in honour of King Komaragiri-Reddi and also ten villages with the name of Vemavaram.  It also states that Katama-Reddi’s wife Mallamma made a gift of a village with the name of Mallavaram to god Markandesvara of Rajamahendravaram.

No. 578.

(A. R. No. 238  of  1924.)

On a  boulder near a well called Bhimudigundulu, on the

Talapukonda hill, Molleru, Yellavaram Taluk, East Godavari District. Undated.

States that a certain Hanuma had the tank Vemasamudramu excavated for the merit of Katama-Reddi Vema-Reddi.

No. 579.

(A. R. No. 424  of  1911.)

On a slab set up near the entrance into the temple of

Chennakesava, Lebaka, Rajampet Taluk, Cuddapah District. S. 1335. (Vijaya)

States that Sadapalli Mallu built the prakara  (?) of the temple of Kesava-perumallu of Lembaka in the reign of Malla-Reddi.

No. 580.

(A. R. No. 582  of  1909.)

On a pillar in the mandapa in front of the temple of

Chennakesavasvami at Macherla, Palnad Taluk, Guntur District. S.  1336.  (Jaya)

States that Janyavula Kasava-Nayiningaru got some repairs done to the mukha-mandapa of the temple of Chennakesava of Mahadevicherla.

No. 581.

(A. R. No. 696  of  1926.)

On a pillar in the temple of Bhavanarayanasvami,

Sarpavaram, Cocanda Taluk, East Godavari District. S.  [13]36.  (Jaya)

Damaged and incomplete.  Mentions Vema-Reddi, son of Katama-Reddi.

No. 582.

(A. R. No. 543  of  1909.)

On a  boulder called Pullaribodu, Aminabada,

 Sattenapalli Taluk, Guntur District. S.  1337.  (Manmatha)

States  that king Rachavema-Reddi had a channel called Jaganobbaganda-kalva  excavated as a supply channel to the tank Santana-vardhi which had been excavated under the orders of his mother Suramba.   The inscription is said to have been composed by Srinatha.

No. 583.

(A. R. No. 578  of  1909.)

On a pillar in the mandapa of the temple of Chennakesava,

Macherla, Palnad Taluk, same District. S.  1351.  (Siddharthi)

States that Chenukali Gopanayiningaru got certain repairs done to the  mandapa in front of the temple of Chennakesava at Mahadevicherla.

No. 584.

(A. R. No. 546  of  1925.)

On a stone built into the gateway of the lower fort at

 Kondapalli, Bezwada Taluk, Krishna District. S. 1358.  (Nala)

States that Macha-Batta got a temple erected to Papavinasanadeva on the banks of the Krishna.

No. 585.

(A. R. No. 555  of  1909.)

On a slab set up in the court-yard of the temple of

Ankalamma, Karempudi, Palnad Taluk, Guntur District. S. 1367. (Raktakshi)

States that Jivaraksha Timmana, son of Macherla Chenna erected a tower at the place where Chilama-Nayidu planted (?) his spear.  Contains some human figures bearing the neams of Pina-Malidevaraja, Tomalidevaraja, Chilama-Nayidu, Peda-Malidevaraja, and Rakshati . . 

No. 586.

(A. R. No. 792  of  1922.)

On a slab built into the wall to the left of the entrance of the temple

of Gopalasvami at Parachuru, Bapatla Taluk, same District S.  1370.  (Vibhava)

States that Inkolani Tirumala-Reddi remitted all the taxes payable on lands-held by the temples and Brahmins of Parachuru.

No. 587.

(A. R. No. 70  of  1917.)

On a Hanuman-pillar set up near the new temple at

Chintapalli, Sattenapalli Taluk, same District. S. 1376. (Bhava)

Incomplete.  Seems to refer to some gift made by one Raghuraya Mahapatra to god Chadaluvada Raghavesvara of Kondavidu.

No. 588.

(A. R. No. 267  of  1924.)

On a pillar in front of the temple of Venugopalasvami,

Magallu, Nandigama Taluk, Krishna District. Date missing.

Damaged.  Seems to state that a certain Muppi-Reddi gave away his daughter to the temple of Gopaladeva and also gave two cows for that child.

This  inscription is greatly damaged and illegible.

No. 589.

(A. R. No. 266  of  1924.)

On a pillar in front of the same temple. Date missing.

Incomplete.  Refers to a gift of land by Bachchu Surya to god Gopaladeva.

No. 590.

(A. R. No. 692  of  1920.)

On a pillar set up before the temple of Bhogesvara

 at Chiluvuru, Tenali Taluk, Guntur District. Undated.

Seems to state that Suranarya gave away to Bhogalingesvara the village of  Chiruvuli which he had obtained from king  Vema.

No. 591.

(A. R. No. 372  of  1926.)

On a  slab planted outside the temple of Venugopalasvami,

Tangeda, Palnad Taluk, same District. Year missing.

Damaged.  Refers to gift of a pandumu of land to god Gopinatha by a certain Reddi.

No. 592.

(A. R. No. 249  of  1924.)

On a hero-stone set up in a  field to the south-

east of Nandigama, Krishna District. Undated.

Unintelligible.  Seems to record the death of a certain Bangaru-Reddi (?)

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