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No. 728.

(A. R. No. 148  of  1913.)

On a slab set up in a  field in Zakkampudi,

Bezwada Taluk, Krishna District. Undated.

Records of gift of (the village) Jakkireddipalle by Ambidevaraja, son of Pratapa-Kapilesvaradeva for the up-keep of worship etc., in the temples of Papavinasanadeva and  Rudradeva, the Jangam choultry and the Brahmin choultry, all at Bejavada.

No. 729.

(A. R. No. 156  of  1913.)

On a slab set up in a field to the north of the road

leading to Kondapalli, Kavaluru, same Taluk and District. Undated.

Records gift of land for some charity.  Mentions King Purushottamadeva and Hamivira.

No. 730.

(A. R. No. 471  of  1915.)

On a pillar in the verandah of the temple of Chennakesavasvami, Santaravuru, Bapatla Taluk, Guntu District. S.  1418 (Anala)

Records that Gande Potaya  consecrated the images of Lakshmidevi and Bhumidevi in the temple of Chennakesava of Ravuru.

No. 731.

(A. R. No. 469  of  1915.)

On a pillar in the same verandah. S. 1418 (Nala)

Records gift of land  in Ravuru by a certain hinuravu-Surathani Timma-Reddi for food-offerings to goddesses Lakshmidevi and Bhumidevi in the temple of Chennakesava.  Mentions Purushottamadeva Gajapati as the overlord of the donor.

No. 732.

(A. R. No. 802  of  1922.)

On the four faces of the Garuda-pillar 

planted near the dhvajastambha in the temple of

Chennakesava, Idupulapadu, same Taluk and District. S.  1422.  (Raudri)

Records the gift by Pratapa-Radra of the village Idvulapadu to the east of Vinikonda, to Madhava-mantrin of the Bharadvaja-gotra and the  Yajnyavalkya-saka.  Gives a genealogy of the Gajapatis and of the  donee.

No. 733.

(A. R. No. 375  of  1926.)

On a stone  built into a gate of the fort at

Tangeda, Palnad Taluk, same District. S. 14[3]1 (Sukla)

Damaged.  Unintelligible;  Mentions some Khan.  States that Pratapa-Rudradeva Gajapati was ruling.

No. 734.

(A. R. No. 377  of  1905.)

On  a round pillar in the raised verandah  round the central shrine in the

temple of Lakshmi-Narasimhasvami, simhachalam, Vizagapatam District. S. 1432 (Pramoda)

Records the gift of two lamps and the village of Anantakapalli to the temple of Narasimha at Simhadri by the chief Timma,  son  Ravu Nrisimha, under the order of (Pratapa)-Rudra-Gajapati.

No. 735.

(A. R. No. 573  of  1925.)

On a black granite pillar set up near the dhvajastambha in the temple of

 Ramalingesvara, Velpuru, Sattenepalli Taluk, Guntur District. S.  1443  (Vrisha)

Records the gift of land by Chedalavada Ramanayaningaru to Kasa Lingabattudu who constructed the temple of Sri-Ramesvara at Velupunuru.

No. 736.

(A. R. No. 577  of  1909.)

On a pillar in the mandapa of the tempdle of

Chennakesavasvami, Macherla, Palnad Taluk, same District.  S. 1443 (Vrisha)

Records the execution of certain repairs to the temple of Chennakesava of Mahadevicherla  under the orders of Buyyana-Preggada Govindaraju-Mahapatra, the Karanam of Kondapalli-sthala.  Mentions the artisan Nagarjunikonda Ramoju.


No. 737.

(A. R. No. 47  of  1909.)

On a pillar set up in front of the temple of Bhaskaresvara,

Undavalli, Guntur Taluk, same District. S.  1 44[8] (Parthiva)

Records that Papisetti, Tippisetti, Mallisetti and Krishnamasetti of the Murukula or Murukula-gotra built the temple of Bhaskaresvara at Undavalli on the banks of the Krishna and endowed that temple with a garden, a tank and some land under that tank.  This was done during the reign of Prataparudra-Gajapati.

No. 738.

(A. R. No. 822  of  1922.)

On a  slab leaning against the north wall of the temple of

 Agastyesvara, Kommuru, Bapatla Taluk, same District.  Date lost.

Records the gift by Behara-Mahapatra Bahubalendra-Mahapatra, of the entire pariksha-basanam in the villages of Kommuru, Vorugandi, Ravipadu and Gongulamundi in the Durgaprasada-Kondavidu dandapata for the offerings of god Mallikarjuna at Sriparvata.  The gift was made with the consent of Prataparudradeva-Gajapati.

No. 739.

(A. R. No. 335  of  1919.)

On a pillar in the mandapa in the front of the western gopura in the temple of Bhimesvara, Draksharama, Ramachandrapuram Taluk, East Godavari District.  Anka year 10 of Mukundadeva.

Records that king Mukundadeva remitted the marriage and panu duties payable by the Balija-pekkandru and others in twenty-one places in the Rajamahendravara-dandapata.  The remission was made after the king’s conquest of Gauda-desa and performing the pearl-tulapurusha.

No. 740.

(A. R. No. 157  of  1913.)

On a  slab set up in the village of Yenikepadu,

Masulipatam  Taluk, Krishna District. Undated.

Records gift, by Komara Hambiradeva-Mahapatrulu to the servants of god Rajanarayanadeva of bejavada, of the village of Venakepadu with all sources of enjoyment.  Mentions the previous gift of the village to the same god by Kulottungachodayadeva-Maharaja.

No. 741.

(A. R. No. 54  of  1912.)

On a pillar in the temple of Kesavasvami at  Chodavaram,

Viravalli Taluk, Vizagapatam District. Saka  year not given (Kalayukti)

Records the consecration of the image of Garutmanta by Bondu Mallayya for the prosperity etc.  of  Bhupatiravu Vallabharaja-Mahapatra.

No. 742.

(A. R. No. 55  of  1912.)

On a pillar in the same temple. S.  1 .

Incomplete and unintelligible.  Seems to record the grant of land for the up-keep of a perpetual lamp in the temple of Vallabharaya.

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