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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

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  Burying the Howitzer?

Indian politicians seem to forget that there is a difference between politics and governance; enemy and political rivalry; those who serve for political power and those who serve the nation in the bureaucracy, services, security, investigative agencies, and police. One cannot ask for a sea change in attitude of politicians overnight but can we at least norm as a nation in how we behave and work with each other?  Asks Aravind Sitaraman

  Was Jinnah a Secularist?

What we are witnessing is a power-struggle within the centrist-right polity.  What the center-rightist are doing is to move away divisive politics and religion-based narrow constituencies; just like the Republican Party in the United States did with Ronald Reagan.  They have figured out that ultimately people need food, clothes, shelter, jobs, and development within the ambit of religion.  Says Aravind Sitaraman



Historical Inscriptions


  South Indian Inscriptions

Ancient Indian dynasties documented their administration, significant developments, grants, and milestones as inscriptions in temples. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has documented these inscriptions from 1886.

These pages contain inscriptions from Pallava, Chola, Pandya, Western Chalukya, Eastern Chalukya, Rashtrakuta, Hoyasala, Vijayanagara, Vishnukundin, Kakatiya, Reddi, Vaidumba, Chinda, Eastern Ganga, Gajapathi, Kalchurya, Qutb-Shahi of Golkonda, and Moghul,  dynasties.


University Research & Publications


  Impact of Karnataka government advertisements

A study spread over several districts revealed a surprising variety in media taste and advertisement impact, says Dr B P Mahesh Chandra Guru.




Editorials & Opinion


Cage this "Tiger"

Mansur Ali Khan "Tiger" Pataudi!  This Nawab of the erstwhile Princely State of Pataudi was a revered cricket captain and household name.  He was well-known all the right reasons; his winning attitude, gentlemanly behavior, old-age charm and also because he was the youngest Indian Cricket captain to-date.  Today, he is again in the news for all the wrong news.

Says Aravind Sitaraman





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A collection of several Positive Articles during the last week.



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