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Daily Round-Up

Wednesday, May 11, 2005 1730hrs IST

PM wants all to respect EC
Distancing from Laloo Prasad Yadav's accusation of the Election Commission, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asked all to respect the institution.  

  • Laloo Prasad Yadav vs EC debate

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction and Delivery Systems (Prohibition of Unlawful Activities) Bill

  • Maharashtra Power Volte Face

  • Arms to Nepal

Parliament passes SEZ bill
Seeking to create a single window system to facilitate processing and approvals, the Indian Parliament passed the new SEZ Bill.

  • SEZ Bill
  • Indo-EU Open Sky Agreement
  • Auto Manufacturing Potential of India
  • Malladi Drugs buys American Pharma


Capture of al Qaeda's No 3


Selected Features

A nuclear non-event The belligerent attitude of America, on enrichment of uranium, poses a danger to the treaty itself

* * *

At Railways' mercy The recent train collision between the Sabarmati Express and a goods train at Samalaya, where 15 people died and 127 injured was a sad reflection of the state of Indian Railways.
* * *

Avoidable embarrassment The presidential ordinance on patents promulgated on the last working day of the winter session of Parliament, whatever the exigencies, whether political or diplomatic, was an avoidable embarrassment.
* * *

Has Musharraf’s heart changed? And why? While US is looking at India to counter the growing power of China, Beijing is making overtures to ensure that New Delhi is not available to Washington as an instrument to ‘contain’ it. The result is the Musharraf of the changed heart
* * *

How far up the pipeline? Over the years, railway ministers — bent on dispensing favours to their allies — have promised a score of projects, most of which are financially unviable. These add up to nearly Rs 35,000 crore, and will take upto 20 years to be executed.
* * *

Japan’s interest in India BEING an ardent worshipper at Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine for war heroes, Mr Junichiro Koizumi cannot have needed any reminding of Indian sympathy during World War-II as he and Dr Manmohan Singh promised to usher in "the new Asian era".
* * *

Muslim Personal Law Board: a paragon of intransigence The most damaging part of the modelnikahnamais the tacit approval of triple talaq in one sitting. Further, the stand that the husband alone enjoys an absolute right to divorce is not just untenable but most unfair and wrong as it goes against the principl
* * *

Peace possible in Assam ASSAM has been suffering from insurgency since 1979. Twentyfive years have passed but no solution could be found to bring peace in this beautiful state. Assam, once the main oil producing state of the country, has been neglected for long.
* * *

Ploughing ahead at the WTO THE RECENT PARIS meeting of some 30 Trade Ministers of major economies has raised new hope for the stalled Doha trade talks on agricultural issues; but it is not celebration time yet.
* * *

Pokhran, 7 years after Although the National Democratic Alliance is boycotting the Parliament these days, there are good reasons for an immediate approval of the bill on tightening domestic law on non-proliferation tabled on Tuesday.
* * *

Power to the people Mr Prime Minister When the Congress-led UPA government took office Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made a key observation. “The current system of governance put in place by the British does not work”. One had hoped he was thinking on the lines of changing this system.
* * *

Single window The introduction of the long-awaited Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Bill, 2005, in Parliament, is a step in the right direction. However, it should also look at creating flexible labour policies.
* * *

The Dabhol dilemma The power crisis in Maharashtra has revived calls for re-starting the Dabhol power project. The same demand had been made a couple of years ago, when the state faced similar power cuts.
* * *

Op-Ed (more)

Dalits in India: History, Issues, Solutions

Aravind Sitaraman researches 500 perspective and analytical articles on the state of Dalits in India. In this article, he references 75 important ones to provide a historical context, highlight their issues, and offer solutions.

Academic Papers (more)

Impact of Karnataka government advertisements

A study spread over several districts revealed a surprising variety in media taste and advertisement impact, says
Dr B P Mahesh Chandra Guru


Inscriptions from South Indian Temples published by the Archaeological Survey of India.

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