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Daily Round-Up

Tuesday, May 10, 2005 1500 hrs IST

Walking for Peace
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh joined 50 other world leaders in paying rich tributes to the Soviet people's sacrifice. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin asked the world to give up violence and work for peace.  

India Corp Expansion Continues Reliance Industries (RIL) is believed to be in advanced negotiations to buy ICI Pakistan's Petrochem Business for USD300 million in largest Indian investment in Pakistan.


Capture of al Qaeda's No 3

The arrest of al Liby could be a critical blow to the terrorist network masterminded by Osama bin Laden.

Selected Features

Cry Foul Mr Yadav does not want to face up to the public anger that ended the corrupt and chaotic regime. An even more unedifying aspect of the episode is the way a senior officer of the Indian administrative services, Mr L.V. Saptharishi, provided fodder for Mr Y

* * *

Golden Rice: Problem or solution? Debate over Genetically Engineered rice's effectiveness in eliminating Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD) is still raging. Environmental groups put their beliefs on available sources. Scientists though, assert Golden Rice is the most viable solution. Here are the
* * *

Laloo on the rampage Laloo Prasad Yadav's exertions against the Election Commission of India must be seen in context. A pattern is becoming visible. Every time it looks like the RJD boss could finally be hemmed in by the troubles that trail him, political and legal, he kicks
* * *

Laluís diatribe IT is unfortunate that a year after the Election Commission (EC) decided to countermand the polls in the Chapra Lok Sabha constituency, a controversy has flared up over the issue.
* * *

Leprosy eradicated? The Centre is considering declaring India free from leprosy by the year end, although there would still be thousands still suffering from the disease. By declaring that leprosy has been eliminated, it wouldn't mean that the disease has disappeared, it wou
* * *

Prey on the Crisis The new task force on tiger conservation has to rework the agenda and enlarge the social base of the project.
* * *

Save the country from Lalu Finally, after long years, the long arm of the law is struggling to catch up with Mr Lalu Prasad Yadav.
* * *

Sustaining Indiaís services revolution The IT-driven revolution has not come about due to Gats, the General Agreement on Trade in Services. However, Gats can help in the movement of persons, where India has a comparative advantage, but faces barriers in developed countriesí markets.
* * *

Truth in the past The 60th anniversary of the surrender of Nazi Germany is a particularly poignant landmark. At official and private remembrances held in Europe over the past two days, images of human history's biggest ever conflict, one that consumed more than 40 million
* * *

Op-Ed (more)

Dalits in India: History, Issues, Solutions

Aravind Sitaraman researches 500 perspective and analytical articles on the state of Dalits in India. In this article, he references 75 important ones to provide a historical context, highlight their issues, and offer solutions.

Academic Papers (more)

Impact of Karnataka government advertisements

A study spread over several districts revealed a surprising variety in media taste and advertisement impact, says
Dr B P Mahesh Chandra Guru


Inscriptions from South Indian Temples published by the Archaeological Survey of India.

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Leprosy eradicated?
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Save the country from Lalu
Sustaining Indiaís services revolution
Truth in the past
Twelfth Finance Commission: The endless search for solutions


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