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Saturday, December  23, 2006

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Top Stories

Business and Economy
  • Govt to Divest from Maruti
    After 25 years of partnership with Japanese Suzuki Motors through Maruti Industries, the Government has decided to sell its remnant 10.27% stake for an estimated Rs. 2,700 crore (USD 586 million) to overcome budget deficits.

  • Sustainable 9% GDP Growth
    Led by strong manufacturing growth, the economy grew at a robust 9.1% in the first half of fiscal year with exports clocking 34.9% prompting the government to claim that the growth pattern “reflected the ability of Indian manufacturers to meet international standards.”

Democracy, Politics and Judiciary

  • Tighter Child Marriage Laws
    Minister for Women and Children said the new Prohibition of Child Marriage Bill 2006 has tighter regulations that would heap jail terms and fines on priests, police, and local leaders if they willfully permit child marriages.<More>

Environment, Health and Education

  • Retrograde Forest Bill Passed
    Dismissing concerns by environmentalists and conservation experts, the government passed the politically convenient Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Bill, 2006 that essentially hands over forests to forest dwellers.<More>

  • Sethusamudram Destruction Begins
    Dismissing environmental concerns and acting under secrecy, India started the destruction of an ancient crossway between India and Sri Lanka called the Adam’s Bridge but believed to have been constructed by God-King Rama to facilitate the Sethusamudram Project.<More>

Terrorism, Defense, Security and Science & Technology
  • Recoverable Sat on PSLV
    The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said that it is preparing to launch four satellites on a single Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C7) in January and one of the satellites will be recoverable after a week or so in orbit.<More>

  • India to Retain Testing Rights
    As US President George Bush signed in the nuclear deal that granted India access to nuclear fuel outside the ambit of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), harsh criticism was heaped in India on restrictions placed on the nation by US policy makers.<More>


  • Talks with Afghan Taliban
    Afghan President Hamid Karzai is reportedly ready for talks with the Taliban operating in his country hopeful of including them in governance but not the Pakistani counterpart but only if they terminate links with Pakistan as that nation is trying to “enslave” Afghanistan.<More>

  • Indo-Pak Joint Sir Creek Survey
    In the two days talks over Sri Creek beginning this weekend, India and Pakistan are working out a mechanism for the 2nd survey of Sir Creek targeted for completion next March to enable an easy and conflict free demarcation of the maritime zone.<More>

  • Indo-Sino Glacier Expedition
    For the very first time, India and China will jointly survey up to the sources of the Brahmaputra and Sutlej, which is the largest water reservoir in the world outside the Polar region, and collect data that could be used for modeling climatic changes over glaciers.<More>

  • Riots in Bangladesh
    The general strike called by the 14-party opposition led by Awami League (AL) trying to force electoral reforms turned violent with the army and police fighting running battles with civilians leaving 25 people wounded in Dhaka and 100 in other areas.<More>


  • Little Progress in US-NK in Direct Talks
    The United States and North Korea (NK) made no progress in their first direct meeting after a long time on the sidelines of the six-nation nuclear arms talks in Beijing to discuss US financial restrictions on Pyongyang, a key stumbling block in the arms negotiations.<More>

  • Darfur Force by UNSC
    The United Nations Security Council urged Sudan to accept deployment of a peacekeeping force that will contain African Union (AU) and European troops in the ravaged Darfur region to augment the 7000 under-funded and ill-equipped AU force that has failed to stem the bloodshed.<More>

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