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Saturday, November 25, 2006




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Business and Economy
  • Demands to Phase-Out Ore Export
    The Federal Steel Ministry, at variance with the Mining and Commerce Ministries, demanded that iron ore exports be phased out since “current ore reserve is slated to last only 60 to 70 years” and this policy could jeopardize the stability of domestic steel units.

  • Railways Profits Up
    The largest railways in the world, the Indian Railways, reported earnings in November at Rs. 1706 crore (USD 370 million) and an increase of 22% from last year due to better freight and passenger capacity utilization.

  • India’s Faltering Energy Strategy
    Gearing for the future, India is formulating a policy for development of Natural Gas Pipelines for cities and on November 16, met with a number of prospective providers including Exxon Mobil, BG, Shell, RIL, ADAG, TERI, BP (India), and Oil PSUs.

  • Widespread Protest against GM Rice Trials
    Throwing their weight behind farmers protesting Genetic Engineered (GE) rice trials, rice exporters beseeched the Government to “pay heed” to “Chinese and US rice scandals” and warned of “disastrous consequences for the country, the industry, and farmers.”

  • 2.6MT of Wheat Imported
    The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) said it has already received 2.6 million tons (mt) of the 5.5 mt of wheat and 5 more ships with .3mt will arrive by November 25th with 12 ships are currently discharging .63mt at Kandla, Vizag, Mundra, Cochin, and Tuticorin.

  • Indo-EU Aviation Summit
    An Indo-EU Aviation Summit will be held in New Delhi November 23-24 to bring together top-level policy makers and industry executives from several related sectors so Indo-EU cooperation can be enhanced in aviation.

  • India Offers ICT to Brunei
    India told a visiting delegation from Burnei Darussalam that it is prepared to shared its expertise Information Communication Technology (ICT) to further that nation’s plans in e-governance, IT education, IT parks, and cyber security to protect critical infrastructure.

  • Indo-Mozambique Agriculture Plan
    India and Republic of Mozambique signed a work plan to cooperate in agriculture includes training programs for Mozambique experts in India, and technical assistance in agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, and fisheries.

  • Global Trade Progress to Continue
    Despite losses in elections, President George Bush reassured Asian allies that his nation is still committed to global trade liberalization and promised to “remain engaged in Asia because our interests depend on the expansion of freedom and opportunity in this region."

Democracy, Politics and Judiciary
  • Japan Loan for Buddhist Circuit
    Japan and Singapore have offered the Bihar State Government loan of Rs. 5.8 billion (USD 126 million) to develop the cultural Buddhist circuit Nalanda-Bodhgaya-Rajgir as an international tourist destination.<More>

  • ASI to Reconstruct 843 Year Old Temple
    The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is planning to start reconstruction of a 1000 pillared hall of a Kakatiya temple dedicated to Shiva build in 1163 A.D. by King Rudra Deva as its foundation was sinking.<More>

Environment, Health and Education
  • Tobacco Companies Targeting Children
    Surrogate advertising is a euphemism for alcohol and tobacco companies advertising using innocuous products sharing the brand name of alcohol and tobacco products, but it looks like they are now using unconventional advertising methods to target children.<More>

  • Fund to Acquire Clean Tech
    An Indian MP proposed that the United Nations create a “Clean Technology Acquisition Fund” so poorer countries will be able to access crucial technologies that will be clean and “significantly impact the realization of sustainable development goals.” <More>

  • Tax Breaks for Bio-Diesel
    The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has floated a draft National Policy on Biofuels suggesting that India offer several fiscal incentives and a National Biofuel Development Board to promote adoption of blended petrol and diesel. <More>

  • PM Panel Faults RTE Bill
    The Knowledge Commission appointed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said that model Right to Educational Bill (RTE) “is flawed for a number of reasons” and ruled that the measures “must be enforced by the central government.”<More>

  • Ground Water Management
    The 12th National Symposium on Hydrology focusing on “Groundwater Governance: Ownership of Groundwater and its Pricing” organized by the Central Ground Water Board and National Institute of Hydrology at Roorkee presented many recommendations.<More>

  • UNDP Natural Resource Projects
    A 5-year United Nations Development Program (UNDP) initiative called “Social Mobilization around Natural Resource Management for Poverty Alleviation” is being implemented in 11 districts of Orissa, Rajasthan, and Jharkhand.<More>

  • Italy Woos Indian Students
    Moving in to cash in shortage of education institutions in the US and UK, Italy is trying to promote itself “as an ideal education institution” and “put together Italian companies with the best human resources in India through the university system.”<More>

  • New Polio Program Needed
    A new study found underlying assumptions of India’s Polio program faulty and has recommended that the nation revamp its immunization program especially in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar where suspicion, illiteracy, and weak-implementation persist.<More>

Terrorism, Defense, Security and Science & Technology
  • Small Success Against Naxals
    Targeting senior terrorists of the outlawed Communist Party of India (Maoist) group, the Andhra Pradesh police have managed to make tactical gains on Naxalism seizing sophisticated weapons and cash from the encounter.<More>

  • Terror Attack from Sea
    Home Minister Shivraj Patil revealed that “in view of the recent Indo-US agreement of civil nuclear energy cooperation, our atomic power plants have become highly vulnerable” apart from “multi-purpose projects and shipyards” to terrorist attacks.<More>

  • Indo-Swiss S&T Cooperation
    Visiting Federal Minister for Science & Technology Kapil Sibal and Switzerland Home Minister Pascal Couchepin signed an Executive Program of Cooperation (POC) within the ambit of the framework umbrella agreement on cooperation signed November 2003.<More>

  • US Upset with UK Taliban Truce
    The US seems to have expressed “unease” with the reported truce negotiated by the British military in Afghanistan with tribal elders representing the Taliban followed by a withdrawal of British troops at Musa Qala and restoration of the captured to local militia.<More>

  • Navy’s New Capabilities
    The Indian Navy has invested in several new equipment and capabilities including stealth, new aircraft carriers, ship lift system, and refueling capabilities and says that most of these projects are on target.<More>

  • UAE Detains Dawood Aides
    Acting on a tip-off from India, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) cracked down on Dawood Ibrahim’s gang and detained one of its top members including a brother-in-law of Ibrahim’s chief hit-man Chhota Shakeel.<More>

  • Success in Cryogenic Stage
    The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) announced it has successfully tested a full-fledged cryogenic stage in rocketry for 50 seconds with a thrust of 7.5 tons making it the 6th nation in the world to have achieved this feat.<More>

  • India Reiterates Afghan Support
    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh “reiterated India’s commitment as a neighbour and friend to continue assisting Afghanistan despite the challenges posed by the security situation” and continue its rehabilitation work but declined to deploy regular troops.<More>

  • Bush Wants WMD Deals Stopped
    Fearing further North Korean (NK) proliferation missiles and nuclear weapons, like the Nodong missile to Pakistan (now being paraded as Ghauri) in return for nuclear weapons technology, the US said that it considered these transfers “a grave threat.”<More>

  • The Last Big Push
    Accused of being “in a state of denial,” US President George Bush rejected calls for a phased withdrawal of American troops from Iraq and instead has come up with a plan that will give it one “last big push” recognizing “the conditions on the ground.”<More>

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Tobacco Companies Targeting Children

Surrogate advertising is a euphemism for alcohol and tobacco companies advertising using innocuous products sharing the brand name of alcohol and tobacco products, but it looks like they are now using unconventional advertising methods to target children.


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