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Sunday, October 15, 2006

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Business and Economy
  • Y-on-Y Industrial Growth Higher
    An upsurge in manufacturing took cumulative industrial production from April-August to 10.6 compared to 8.7 last year and August saw a 9.7% rise compared to 7.6% but lower than July’s growth of 12.7% but analysts say that consumer demand has not slacked.

  • India-Mozambique to Co-Operate on Mining
    A Republic of Mozambique delegation led by its Minister for Mineral Resources Esperanca Laurinda Bias, Mozambique is visiting India to discuss bilateral cooperation in the mining sector, related technologies, and expertise sharing.

  • Macro Indicators Strong, Agri Worrisome
    Although economic growth is at 7.5%-8%, inflation in check at 5%-5.5%, investments in Telecom & IT estimated at USD 16 billion, and more reforms on financial and retail sector in the offing, the Indian economy continues to roar but Agriculture continues to be a major worry.

Democracy, Politics and Judiciary
  • UN Wants to Stop Violence against Women
    A study sponsored by the UN Secretary General concluded that it has found “compelling evidence that violence against women (VAW) is severe and pervasive throughout the world” but there is no “knowledge base to inform police and strategy development.”

  • Child Labor Law Becomes Active
    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh cajoled, threatened, and entreated the nation to “stop employing children as workers and actively encourage them to join schools” and that “Firm action will be taken against those violating the law.”

  • Quota Panel Report
    The Oversight Committee submitted their proposals to the Federal Government proposing that the contentious 27% reservation for Other Backward Classes (OBC) be reviewed in another 5 years and again after a decade to determine the relevance of the policy.

Environment, Health and Education
  • Pollution, Poaching Affecting Conservation
    Two different and unrelated reports show that there increasing pollution and poaching are affecting quality of rivers and wildlife depending on these rivers despite large spends to clean rivers.<More>

Terrorism, Defense, Security and Science & Technology
  • Indian Navy Declines Harriers
    After decline PC-3 Orion from the US , the Indian Navy has declined 8 British Sea Harrier FA2 fighter jets phased out of the Royal Navy because vital components such as missile carrying capability, fire control radar, and other avionics were missing.<More>

  • Mig-29 Flying Life Extended
    As in the case of Mig-21s, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has commissioned the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) to conduct Total Technical Life Enhancement (TTLE) of the Mig-29 to enhance its life from 2500 to 3000 flying hours.<More>

  • Multi-Faceted Trouble for Pakistan
    As rumors of a coup continues to be fuelled by weapons discoveries around President Pervez Musharraf’s office, a grand Jirga of 95 Baloach tribal chiefs met and decided to move the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on their status.<More>

  • Southern Consensus in Sri Lanka?
    In a significant political move, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse’s Sri Lankan Freedom Party (SLFP) and former Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe’s United National Party agreed to pursue a “national consensus” on all issues.<More>

  • Corporate Military in Pakistan
    Many analysts are now accusing the Pakistani military for developing strong commercial interests to create an oligarchy of serving and retired officers to control banks, transport, road building, communication, and construction businesses worth billions of dollars.<More>

  • Fears of Islamic Radicalization in Maldives
    According to a report in The Independent, Maldives is slowly changing from a liberal Islamic state to a more conservative nation where fundamentalist preachers are persuading locals to adopt a more radical form of Islam and hate Christianity.<More>

  • Lanka-LTTE Grand Standing
    While emphasizing that his Government was committed to a “negotiated settlement” and wanting a “successful” Geneva summit, Sri Lanka told facilitators that he will be “compelled” to react if LTTE continues with “violent and provocative measures.”<More>

  • Iran-US Verbal War
    In a continuing war of words, Iran and the US have castigated each other with the US demanding sanctions as “time was of essence” and Iran refuting these and unilateral American sanctions as “useless.”<More>

  • 7th Indo-EU Summit
    Inaugurating the 7th Indo-EU summit, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh emphasized that the “Consolidation of strategic partnership and intensification of dialogue with the European Union” is a key foreign policy priority for India.<More>

  • India, Britain Share Terror Concerns
    Visiting Britain right after the North Korean (NK) nuclear test, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and British Prime Minister Tony Blair concluded their third annual summit and discussed terrorism, energy cooperation, and investment promotion.<More>

  • North Korea Blasts Nuclear Regime
    With a defiant nuclear explosion using Pakistan technology, North Korea (NK) blasted years of discriminatory nuclear regime sparking sharp reactions from regional and global players and possibly bringing in major changes to world strategic thought and orientation.<More>

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7th Indo-EU Summit  

Inaugurating the 7th Indo-EU summit, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh emphasized that the “Consolidation of strategic partnership and intensification of dialogue with the European Union” is a key foreign policy priority for India.


Y-on-Y Industrial Growth Higher


India, Britain Share Terror Concerns


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