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Business and Economy
  • Cotton Output Up
    Industry estimates predict a rise in cotton output to 260-275 lakh bales against 245 lakh bales last year despite crop damage due to floods in Maharashtra and Gujarat earlier with the use of genetically altered and hybrid cotton seeds.

  • Indo-Sri Lanka Trade Looking at USD 3B
    From a mere USD 650 million in 2000, the Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is set to take bilateral trade to USD 3 billion next calendar year despite unethical business practices not-conducive to business by the Sri Lankan Government (SLG).

Democracy, Politics and Judiciary

  • Child Labor Law Becomes Active
    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh cajoled, threatened, and entreated the nation to “stop employing children as workers and actively encourage them to join schools” and that “Firm action will be taken against those violating the law.”

  • Quota Panel Report
    The Oversight Committee submitted their proposals to the Federal Government proposing that the contentious 27% reservation for Other Backward Classes (OBC) be reviewed in another 5 years and again after a decade to determine the relevance of the policy.

Environment, Health and Education

  • Mosquito-based Epidemic Outbreak
    Reportedly 76 people died in Kerala with Chikungunya and nearly 128,500 cases of Dengue have been reported nation-wide causing severe strain on an ill-equipped and ill-motivated system to deal with the crisis on a war footing.<More>

  • New Environmental Guidelines
    In a bid to decentralize environmental impact assessment, the Federal Government announced new Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) guidelines that grant concessions for builders, automobile, and biomedical sectors.<More>

Terrorism, Defense, Security and Science & Technology
  • Multi-Faceted Trouble for Pakistan
    As rumors of a coup continues to be fuelled by weapons discoveries around President Pervez Musharraf’s office, a grand Jirga of 95 Baloach tribal chiefs met and decided to move the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on their status.<More>

  • US Promises to Upgrade Pakistan F-16s
    The row over the stripped down version of avionics and fighter systems on the 18 new and upgraded second-hand F-16s seemed to have blown over with Pakistan agreeing to the terms and signing the letter of acceptance in Rawalpindi.<More>


  • Lanka-LTTE Grand Standing
    While emphasizing that his Government was committed to a “negotiated settlement” and wanting a “successful” Geneva summit, Sri Lanka told facilitators that he will be “compelled” to react if LTTE continues with “violent and provocative measures.”<More>

  • Iran-US Verbal War
    In a continuing war of words, Iran and the US have castigated each other with the US demanding sanctions as “time was of essence” and Iran refuting these and unilateral American sanctions as “useless.”<More>


  • North Korea Blasts Nuclear Regime
    With a defiant nuclear explosion using Pakistan technology, North Korea (NK) blasted years of discriminatory nuclear regime sparking sharp reactions from regional and global players and possibly bringing in major changes to world strategic thought and orientation.<More>

  • South Africa to Back Nuke Deal
    Visiting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh elicited South Africa to support its civilian nuclear deal with the US and got a commitment from President Thabo Mbeko that his country will support the deal in the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group (NSG).<More>

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Multi-Faceted Trouble for Pakistan

As rumors of a coup continues to be fuelled by weapons discoveries around President Pervez Musharraf’s office, a grand Jirga of 95 Baloach tribal chiefs met and decided to move the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on their status.


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