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Saturday, September 02, 2006




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Business and Economy
  • No Ore Exports Say CMs
    The Chief Ministers (CMs) of Karnataka
    , Chhattisgarh, and West Bengal (WB), have written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh opposing proposals to liberalize iron ore exports warning disastrous effects on the fast growing Steel industry

  • ASEAN Unified Market by 2015
    To stave off competition from India and China, Economic Ministers of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) adopted urgent measures and advanced deadlines to develop a unified and integrated market by 2015

  • ONGC Proposes to Buyout Sakhalin-I
    With the Iran-Pakistan-India and Myanmar-Bangladesh-India pipelines not making progress, the Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) is proposing to buy the entire gas supply from the Russian Sakhalin-I field and import the gas as in liquefied form

  • Grid Synchronized with Power from Bhutan
    Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (PGIL) announced that it has successfully synchronized the north, east, north-east, and western grids to allow free flow of electricity across one of the largest power grids in the world including carrying power from Bhutan.

  • India, EU Exploring CECA
    India and the EU have set up a high level group to study possibilities of a Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) that would cover trade in goods, services, and investments and submit a proposal during the Helsinki summit in October.

  • TN to Also Get a Mega Power Plant
    The Federal Minister for Power Sushil Kumar Shinde revealed that he has in concept agreed to grant one mega power project capable of producing 4000 megawatt (MW) to Tamil Nadu (TN) in addition to the other 7 states.

  • Security Concerns Bar Chinese Investment
    After a year of internal discussions, India intelligence agencies rightly barred Chinese investments in ports and handling thus rejecting 14 port construction and management projects valued at Rs. 61,000 crore (USD 13.26 billion) citing security threats.

Democracy, Politics and Judiciary
Environment, Health and Education
  • US Seeks Tariff cut on Environment Products
    As a co-member of the Asia-Pacific Partnership (APP), the US wants India to reduce its tariffs on imported environmental goods and services from the current 15% to allow free flow of technology to reduce green house gases (GHG) emission.<More>

  • Is Project Tiger a Failure?
    An investigation into the effectiveness of the federally funded Project Tiger, launched in 1973 to protect tigers in the 15 Tiger sanctuaries to ensure a viable population, concluded that the program is a failure because of insufficient training and inadequate methods.<More>

Terrorism, Defense, Security and Science & Technology
  • India, Singapore for Air Force Cooperation
    In the first ever Air Force-level dialogue, India and Singapore agreed to focus on “mutually supportive roles,” including “interoperability” between respective air forces for disaster management and humanitarian relief in South East Asia.

  • Scores of Taliban Terrorists Killed
    Afghani officials say that their forces assisted by North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) aircraft and artillery killed 71 Taliban terrorists in Southern Afghanistan where there is a resurgence of Taliban activity and bloodiest clashes since their ouster in 2001.

  • Iran Proposes Talks to Resolve Stalemate
    Iran once again reiterated its willingness to negotiate a way out of the impasse over its controversial nuclear program but the US said that while it would study the Iranian counter proposal to the EU offer, it is prepared to move with or without the UN.<More>

  • Nepal Has a New Draft Constitution
    A team of legal and political experts in Nepal have drafted a new lob-sided Constitution that will withdraw many privileges of the King and retaining the right of the Maoist terrorists that does not necessarily create stability to one of the world’s poorest nations.<More>

  • BSF, BDR Exploring Better Inter-working
    Border Security Force (BSF) and Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) are meeting in Assam to find ways to work better together and are considering a range of initiatives that would better confidence between the two forces bickering over one issue or the other.<More>

  • Baloach Leader Bugti Suspiciously Killed
    Rebel Baloach leader and popular face of opposition against Pakistan military in the tribal areas, Nawab Akhbar Bugti, has been killed in suspicious manner leading to widespread protests against President Pervez Musharraf’s dictatorial rule.<More>

  • Nathu-La Not as Spectacular As Expected
    With the hype over the reopened Nathu-La Pass dying down, India and China now understand that the modern trade potential on ancient silk route now replaced by a 56 kilometer stretch connecting the two nations is not spectacular as expected.<More>

  • First Indo-Russian Joint Study Group on Trade
    Indian and Russian trade experts are meeting this week to explore and discuss options that will remove bilateral trade blocks to achieve a USD 10 billion trade and lead to a Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA).

  • Israel & Lebanon Welcome EU Plan
    Israel & Lebanon welcomed the EU plan to dispatch 7000 peacekeeping troops, to be led initially by France and later by Italy, in Southern Lebanon that is capable of maintaining a buffer between the two nations with stronger defensive capabilities.

  • Iran Expands Heavy Water Project
    A defiant yet indulgent Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad inaugurated a new phase in the Arak heavy-water reactor project dismissing global concerns of its controversial program but asserting that “Iran is not a threat to anybody."

  • Iranian Official Visits India
    Iran’s deputy foreign minister Asia, Oceania and Commonwealth, Dr Mehdi Safari is visiting India to appraise India of its position over the nuclear stand-off with the West reiterating that it is open to negotiations and diplomatic solution.

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Baloach Leader Bugti Suspiciously Killed

An investigation into the effectiveness of the federally funded Project Tiger, launched in 1973 to protect tigers in the 15 Tiger sanctuaries to ensure a viable population, concluded that the program is a failure because of insufficient training and inadequate methods.

  Is Project Tiger a Failure?
  First Indo-Russian Joint Study Group on Trade

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