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Thursday, August 17, 2006




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Top Stories

Business and Economy
  • Subsidy Cuts on the Cards
    Facing unending global fuel price increases and increasingly exposed to global economy, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh reminded the nation that Government cannot on indefinitely subsidize consumption as there were limits to budgets.

  • China Trade Surplus Dismays Many
    Despite measures to arrest exports, trade outflows from China once again exceeded expectations at 40.6% above the previous month and net USD 14.6 billion with exports up 22.6% or USD 80.3 billion and imports up 19.7% at USD 65.7 billion.

Democracy, Politics and Judiciary

  • SC Stays TN Temple Ordinance
    The Supreme Court (SC) has stayed a politically motivated ordinance by the
    Tamil Nadu (TN) Government that would allow it to appoint priests in temples without discrimination of caste, creed, custom, or usage. <More>

  • RTI Amendments Face Opposition
    The opposition to proposed controversial amendments to The Right to Information (RTI) Act seems to have gained momentum with most political parties supporting efforts by political rights activists to stop dilution of the Act.

Environment, Health and Education

Terrorism, Defense, Security and Science & Technology


  • BSF, BDR to Reduce Tension
    After exchanging gunfire, troop movements, and tension the Border Security Force (BSF) and Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) agreed to reduce tensions by pulling out additional troops from the frontier and adhere to border guidelines and land-boundary agreement. 

  • India, Bangla Border Clashes Continue
    Indo-Bangla border tensions escalated with heavy mortar attacks from the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) to cover mass troop movement along Assam killing 2 women and retaliatory fire from Border Security Force (BSF) resulted in the death of 5 BDR soldiers.  <More>


  • Pressured Iran Threatens NPT Withdrawal
    In an interview to national English newspaper The Hindu, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad asserted that he still believes in dialogue but did not like the continued pressure and insistence on taking away the rights that his country has.

  • Hezbollah Asks Arabs to Vacate Haifa
    In a clear sign of major terrorist activities to come, Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah warned Israeli Arabs to leave the port city of Haifa so the guerrilla organization could attack the city unimpeded so as not to “shed” their blood.

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Major Terrorism Attack over Atlantic Averted

British counter-intelligence seem to have averted a major terrorism attack attempt on as many as 10 civil aircraft using common over-the-counter chemicals used by most people that officials say would have been worse than September 11 twin tower bombing.


LTTE to Stay Banned, No Lanka Intervention


Forbes Calls “India is next Great Bull Market”


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Quota Plan in Shambles


Food Bill Passed as Pesticides Makeup Colas

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South Indian Inscriptions

Ancient Indian dynasties documented their administration, significant developments, grants, and milestones as inscriptions in temples. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has documented these inscriptions from 1886. These pages contain inscriptions from Pallava, Chola, Pandya, Western Chalukya, Eastern Chalukya, Rashtrakuta, Hoyasala, Vijayanagara, Vishnukundin, Kakatiya, Reddi, Vaidumba, Chinda, Eastern Ganga, Gajapathi, Kalchurya, Qutb-Shahi of Golkonda, and Moghul,  dynasties.

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