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Thursday, August 17, 2006

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Ship breaking is good business because of its inherent nature. Steel is the most apparent material that is scavenged and every ton of recycled steel has hidden benefits. Roads, Bridges, railway lines, airports, shipping ports, industrial houses, office complexes, housing, and other large scale development is projected for India. Le Clemenceau, the condemned aircraft carrier, brings in the right context for a debate that encompasses many critical issues like business and economy, environment, health, and labor safety. The ideal route would be for India to get rid of asbestos from its society and not lose the ship-breaking business through the aforementioned measures.

In a run-up to local elections schedule Feb 8, Nepal is reeling under continued demonstrations by a 7-political party alliance and attacks by Maoist terrorists. India should stand for democracy in Nepal and world over. India needs to convince the 7-party alliance of this urgent need in return for democracy. India should insist on a timeline from King Gnanendra by which democracy will be restored. India needs to provide material military aid to Nepal to fight the terrorists against guarantees that the Government will return to democracy. Nepal desperately needs non-military aid such as medicine, food supplies, and equipment to fight the cold wave. India needs to supply materials to primarily help rural populations.

The United States (US) and the European Union (EU) have called for a special meeting at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to discuss Iran ’s nuclear program. Western nations accuse Iran of trying to develop a nuclear bomb, violating international obligations, and hankering a bellicose attitude to its neighbors. Iran denies these charges. Political extremists in commanding positions in the US Congress have said that India needs to vote against Iran if the nuclear deal is to get their support. Hence, if India does not vote against Iran, it will lose all these benefits.

In the recently concluded elections, the terrorist group Hamas won 76 of the 132 seats in the Palestinian territories. The Hamas also tactically removed their call for the destruction of Israel from their election manifesto. Fattah, the party of Yaseer Arafat, is the main political party running the Government. The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will be inviting the Hamas to form the Government. Israel has refused to accept Hamas as a partner to the peace process saying that the Hamas Government will be relegated to “irrelevance” if it does not disarm. With recalcitrant positions adopted by the Hamas and the Western nations along with Israel does not augur well for the West Asian peace process.


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