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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

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Business and Economy
  • Indian Exports crosses USD 100 billion 
    As reported , Indian exports crossed the psychological threshold of USD 100 billion and while trade deficit remains at USD 39 billion most of that is because of oil imports resulting in a non-oil net trade surplus.<More>

  • Textile to reach USD 40-50B in TN 
    A Confederation of Indian Industry study predicted that the textile industry in Tamil Nadu (TN) would earn USD 40-50 and employ 5 million new workers by 2015.<More>

Democracy, Politics and Judiciary

Environment, Health and Education

  • Indo-EU Energy Initiative
    On the heals of US and India announcing Indian participation in FutureGen project,  the European and India are set to explore alternate sources of energy as envisaged by the recently-concluded First India-EU Business Conference on Energy.

Terrorism, Defense, Security and Science & Technology
  • 3 PHC workers for every 10,000 
    A recent World Wealth Organization (WHO) study revealed that India had only 3 Primary Health Care (PHC) workers for every 10,000 of its population, which also predicted a worldwide shortage of 4.3 million workers.<More>  
    Smoking Out Smoking

  • Dawood part of al Qaeda Says Interpol 
    Interpol issued a new “red corner” notice declaring Dawood Ibrahim, prime accused in the 1994 Mumbai blasts as part of the global al Qaeda organization and listed two addresses in Karachi as his residences.<More>



  • EU, Canada , US Suspend Aid to PA 
    The largest donor to Palestinian Territories (PT), the European Union (EU), suspended its USD 300 million aid citing the Hamas’s continued recalcitrance in refusing to recognize Israel , give up violence, and recognize international commitments.

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Featured Analyses
National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme : Making Panchayat Raj Institutions Effective
The Bill on National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme seeks to provide guaranteed employment to one member of every rural household for at least 100 days a year for a minimum wage of Rs.60 per day. Out of 260 million poor people in the country, about 200 million poor people are in rural areas. People in 45% rural India do not get work for six months in a year. 
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Dalits in India
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Smoking Out Smoking
Featured Edits
India needs a deterrent
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Nepal conflict casts a shadow on India
South Indian Inscriptions
Ancient Indian dynasties documented their administration, significant developments, grants, and milestones as inscriptions in temples. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has documented these inscriptions from 1886. These pages contain inscriptions from Pallava, Chola, Pandya, Western Chalukya, Eastern Chalukya, Rashtrakuta, Hoyasala, Vijayanagara, Vishnukundin, Kakatiya, Reddi, Vaidumba, Chinda, Eastern Ganga, Gajapathi, Kalchurya, Qutb-Shahi of Golkonda, and Moghul,  dynasties.

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