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   Scientists Fear Antarctica Damage

  A UN report on global warming is being criticized for being too soft on message

A United Nations climate report claiming the loss of 1000 square miles due to global warming has evoked a massive controversy among scientists with many saying that the report has not gone far enough while others discounting the impact projections as conjecture.

Global warming theorists say that the report did not stress on climate change already witnessed on the continent and that a quarter of the sea ice around Antarctica will disappear in another 100 years. They fault the report for sugar coating the impact and rising carbon dioxide levels. Scientists say that if all the ice should melt, the sea levels will rise by 70 meters around the world thereby submerge most coastal cities. They say that the Antarctica has seen the highest climate change on Earth and 10 times the average global temperature rise. Alarmingly, they say that within a month, 1000 square miles of ice shelf disintegrated and disappeared and scientists say that this loss is directly linked to global warming and fault the report for not mentioning it.

Critics of the theory say that global warming impact is exaggerated.

Notwithstanding the criticism, many Western businesses have vowed to take the warning seriously and WalMart, the largest retailer, is taking the lead.