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   Pak Permission for Indian Aid for Afghanistan



  • Pak grants permission to 240 trucks Indian trucks to carry aid for Afghanistan

  • This is one time permission

  • In 2003 India sent 400 Leyland buses and 1 million tons of wheat as biscuits to Afghanistan

Reports say that Pakistan has granted a one-time land transit rights for Indian trucks carrying humanitarian aid for Afghanistan to cross Pakistan territory although skepticism is high among Indian officials who say seeing is believing.

India is to send 240 trucks to Afghanistan as part of enormous Indian aid package that New Delhi has pledged Kabul. Seventy Afghan drivers have already reached Amritsar for the purpose to cross over the Wagah border. This is the first time since 2003 when Indian assistance to Afghanistan will be delivered through land route, made possible through grant of transit rights by Pakistan. In 2003, India granted 400 Leyland buses to carry passengers in Kabul and other Afghan cities.

At that time, India requested Pakistan to grant transit rights for sending one million tons of wheat worth $ 100 million as part of India’s humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people. When Pakistan refused, India converted wheat into flour and made high-protein biscuits from it. These biscuits were eventually sent to Afghanistan by air.

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