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   Indo-Sino Talks End, No Details Disclosed



  • Indo-Sino 8th round ends on friendly note

  • M.K. Narayanan meets Chinese Prime Minister, Foreign Minister to seek help on Indo-US civilian nuclear deal in the NSG, support for Shashi Tharoor’s candidacy, and Chinese presidential later this year.

  • Results of current round and dates for next round date has not been disclosed

The eighth round of Indo-Sino border talks ended with proceedings held secretively and results not made public but a terse press release similar to the one at the end of last round said that the talks were held in a "friendly, cooperative and constructive atmosphere."

India’s National Security Advisor and Chief Negotiator M.K. Narayanan met with Chinese Vice-Foreign Minister Dai Bingua to devise a framework for the settlement of the border dispute on the basis of the "political parameters and guiding principles" finalized during Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's visit to India last year. The actual demarcation of the border can only begin after the framework is created and approved.

While the main focus was the border dispute, Narayanan also met with Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabo as well as Foreign Minister Li Zhao Xing. China watchers speculate that Narayanan may have sought China's support at the Nuclear Suppliers Group for the India-U.S. civilian nuclear deal. They also say that Narayanan may have discussed Chinese support for Indian sponsored candidate Shashi Tharoor for the position of U.N. Secretary-General and the proposed visit to India by Chinese President Hu Jintao later this year.

The press release said that next round of dialogue will be held in India but did not provide a specific timeline.