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   Israel Captures Hamas ‘Commander’


Israel achieved a major breakthrough in its fight against terrorism by capturing Hamas’s West Bank military-wing ‘commander’ wanted in the death of 78 Israelis and wounding of several hundred. Reports say that the Israeli Army surrounded the hideout of Ibrahim Hameed in Ramallah just 200 yards from the house of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and threatened to destroy the building and him with it. Hameed eventually agreed to come out, was ordered to strip to his underwear, and then taken to a local Army barrack.

Forty One year old Hameed assumed leadership of Hamas’s military Izzedine al Qassam in Dec 2003 and is being accused of masterminding suicide bombings at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, an outdoor café, and a pool hall in Central Israel. Hameed was held briefly in Palestine jails but was release in 2002 in the wake of a major military assault of the West Bank by Israel. Hameed has degrees in political science and history from the Bir Zeit University located in the West Bank in 1993.

Hamas has been holding an informal truce with Israel since February 2005. It is not clear if Hamas will treat this as a breach of truce.

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